Fire Moblin

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Fire Moblin are enemy variants Moblin from Age of Calamity.

Age of Calamity

Fire Moblins are Moblins that first appear in the Daruk, the Goron Hero scenario. They are fire-based enemies with a cloud of fire surrounding them. Upon attacking a warrior, they can set them on fire momentarily, preventing them from attacking. Upon being defeated, they will drop Moblin parts, which may include a Moblin Horn, Moblin Fang, or Moblin Guts. The Moblin will also drop a fire orb, which could be used to replenish ammunition for the Fire Rod.

The Fire Moblin has a natural weakness to the Ice Rod. Using an Ice Rod attack, this will crack the Fire Moblins energy gauge, making it easier for the warrior to deplete it quickly. After each Fire Moblin is defeated, the player will receive a Moblin Trophy, which can be used to complete quests or upgrade weapons of the various warriors.

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