Electric Hinox

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Electric Hinox are variants of the standard Hinox, appearing in Age of Calamity.

Age of Calamity

The Electric Hinox is one of the elemental variants of the standard Hinox, with their body engulfed in electricity. They have green skin, a light green eyeball, and orange facial features, distinguishing them from other Hinox. While they generally move and attack similar to a Black Hinox, the Electric Hinox does have its own elemental attacks, including the ability to spray electricity out at the end of its each of its main attacks, shocking any nearby warriors. The Electric Hinox can also spit electric projectiles out of its mouth, which will bounce around the area until they hit a target.

Unlike the Ice Hinox and Fire Hinox, the Electric Hinox does not have a natural weakness. While the Ice Rod and Fire Rod are effective, in temporarily stunning the Hinox, they won't do any additional damage compared to the average enemy.

When defeated, an Electric Hinox may drop a Hinox Toenail, Hinox Tooth, or Hinox Guts. Additionally, the player will receive a Hinox Trophy each time one of these bosses are defeated. These can be used to complete quests or upgrade weapons of the various warriors.

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