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The Black Lizalfos is a much stronger variant of the Lizalfos in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity.


Breath of the Wild

These Lizalfos are the Level 3 Lizalfos, being much stronger than the Green and Blue Lizalfos. They often carry some stronger weapons and are much more dangerous.[1] With a standard health of 288, they have more than double the health as their blue counterpart. They share the same health level as their elemental counters, the Ice-Breath Lizalfos, Fire-Breath Lizalfos, and Electric Lizalfos.

Black Lizalfos are most abundantly found in the Hebra province, within the Hebra Mountains. They are also found all over Hyrule Castle, in the Gerudo Highlands, and within the Wasteland Tower region, primarily in the Gerudo Desert.

By far their most commonly wielded weapons are the Lizal Tri-Boomerang and the Steel Lizal Bow. However, they occasionally wield some non-Lizalfos weapons, including a Royal Broadsword or Dragonbone Moblin Club.

Like the standard Blue Lizalfos, these enemies will drop Lizalfos Horns, Lizalfos Talons and will more frequently will drop a Lizalfos Tail as a reward.

As the World Level increases, Blue Lizalfos will frequently be replaced by Black Lizalfos, who will later be replaced by Silver Lizalfos. In Master Mode, enemies are upgraded by one level, such that any Lizalfos which began as a Blue Lizalfos in normal mode will be replaced by a Black Lizalfos. In turn, the existing Black Lizalfos are all replaced with Silver Lizalfos.

Age of Calamity

Black Lizalfos in Age of Calamity are some of the stronger variants of the Lizalfos, first appearing during The Road Home, Besieged scenario. They will occasionally drop a Lizalfos Horn, Lizalfos Tail, or Lizalfos Talon when defeated. After each Black Lizalfos is defeated, the player will receive a Lizalfos Trophy, which can be used to complete quests or upgrade weapons of the various warriors.

Larger Black Lizalfos will occasionally appear as the leader of an outpost. They deal more damage, have more health, and once defeated, allow the warrior to capture the outpost.


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  1. "These quick-witted, lizard-like monsters can be found all over Hyrule. This particular type tends to carry some pretty strong weapons, so they are among the most dangerous Lizalfos." — Hyrule Compendium, Breath of the Wild