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"Revali is one of the Champions in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A member of the skyward Rito tribe, he's a skilled pilot who can be a tad arrogant at times. Even though he's a Champion, Revali resents Link for being the hero of Hyrule."



Rito Warrior







Teba (descendant)[1]
Tulin (descendant)


Voice Actor

Sean Chiplock (English)




Revali is a character in Breath of the Wild. He was the Champion of the Rito and pilot of Divine Beast Vah Medoh. His signature weapon was the Great Eagle Bow.[2]

Breath of the Wild

Revali once lived in Rito Village and was considered one of the best warriors of his race. Before Calamity Ganon's return, he was chosen by King Rhoam and Princess Zelda to become the Rito Champion and pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. He personally commissioned the construction of the Flight Range north of Rito Village in order to train Rito warriors, including the warrior Teba a century later. He wrote in a journal about his development of Revali's Gale, his inauguration and his difficult relationship with Link.

Beginning with the first entry of his journal, Revali has won another archery competition and his win-streak has been the main topic among is people. As he set records at an extremely high rate, he would often receive wherever he went to the point where he was dubbed the pride of the Rito and Revali would eventually become used to it and the elder asked what prize he desired and Revali responds that he wants an archery training ground constructed on Dronoc's Pass. Revali needed to train at various elevations to keep getting better, as he hopes to master a new move that came to his mind.[3]

In the second entry, Revali continues to push himself beyond his physical limits and while he likes the descent, his ascent hasn't been going well. He will return to the Flight Range the next day and refuses to back down until he was successful. In the meantime, the Rito children look up to him and he becomes aware that they want to train at the Flight Range. Revali is fine with the idea of everyone using his training ground as there are dangerous times. Revali devises a new strategy to control the updraft and believes that it's possible.[4]

In the third entry, Revali would begin continuously hearing rumors that Calamity Ganon is inevitably returning and feels a sense of unease about this. He recalls the day that the Sheikah scientists excavated a huge ancient mechanical beast called Medoh, which was used to seal the monster 10,000 years ago. The Royal Family of Hyrule is currently seeking a pilot who will control it and said that it requires something beyond just being skilled, but a soul sacred enough for the Divine Beast to recognize them as their master. Revali realized that this was his opportunity to finally prove to everyone that he is worthy.[5]

In the fourth entry, the young Princess Zelda came to visit Revali, where he asked about their plans. He quickly regrets asking this question, when he was told that the Divine Beasts would be used as support for a Hylian knight who is honored to fight Calamity Ganon. Revali was appalled at the thought of being a sidekick to a random knight he never heard of and was about to turn it down before she starts to plead with him that several innocent lives must be protected from the Calamity's reach and Hyrule needs his help. As much as Revali thought it was corny of her to act this way towards him, the look on her face would burn into Revali's mind and he saw how genuine her request was. He had thought that Hylians thought of themselves, but he realized that it's not always the case. Revali decides to accept, but he decides to delay his answer to get his thoughts and feelings sorted out.[6]

In the fifth entry, Revali hears that Zelda is coming to visit him to get his answer and he knows that she will be happy when he accepts. He saw that her timing was perfect as he is getting closer to mastering his new move and showing it off to everyone. He imagines everyone seeing him in action and believing that it should be Revali rather than the Hylian knight who should have been chosen to face Ganon and implore him to use his skill and intellect to destroy Ganon, which gets him filled with optimism and hyped for that day to arrive.[7]

Princess Zelda comes into the frigid mountain to visit Revali at the Flight Range when she sees him panting as he attempts to summon a column of wind to propel him upwards. However, he is caught in the wind, and he is tossed down again as he lets out a short scream. As Revali struggles to get back up, he goes hard on himself for failing to stay inside the whirlwind and is desperate to get it right,[8] before he spots the watching princess and scolds her for eavesdropping.[9] Zelda apologizes to him as she explains that the villages gave directions to his whereabouts.[10] After Revali catches his breath, he figures that she needs him to become Divine Beast Vah Medoh's pilot to destroy Ganon which he accepts.[11] Zelda was about to thank him,[12] before he interrupts her,[13] and tries again to summon an updraft, this time managing to not get caught as he soars upwards. Revali makes a dive downward as he shoots arrows into three targets and upon landing on the ground, he summons a column of air again as he blows up the remaining targets in quick succession as Zelda watches in astonishment. After Revali lands on the fence, he tells her that he knows that he plays a role in helping a certain knight,[14] and tells her not to come crying to him in the event that this knight loses his confidence when seeing him in action.[15]

For Revali to become a Champion, he must overcome a Divine Beast Tamer's Trial to prove that he is worthy of being Vah Medoh's pilot. His Trial consists of him shooting the horn of the flame dragon, Dinraal, racing down the snowy peaks as he passes through the Glowing Rings, and to shoot all four targets in quick succession.[16]

When all four Champions have been summoned, Revali attends the Champions' inauguration ceremony alongside Link, Mipha, Daruk, and Urbosa, where they are each given blue cloths. Revali wears his like a scarf. After the ritual is completed, the new Champions relax at the gazebo where Revali becomes intrigued in Princess Zelda's Sheikah Slate and takes it from her hands,[17] as the princess explains its functions while still trying to uncover more secrets.[18] Revali then passes the slate to Mipha to allow her to have a look as Urbosa brings up a topic about the Sheikah Slate's Camera Rune which intrigues Mipha as she asks Zelda for a favor. Revali and the Champions are soon in a photoshoot where Purah instructs everyone to get together, with her telling Revali to move closer,[19] which miffs him,[20] and when Purah notes on Mipha's nervousness and tells her to take deep breaths, Revali looks over at her and smiles when she relaxed. When the results are more satisfactory, she takes the photo, but not before Daruk suddenly pulls everyone in at the last second.

In the sixth entry, Revali documents the events of the inauguration ceremony, and he now bears the title of "Champion". He dismisses the ceremonies as meaningless pomp as he makes a remark that if true strength relied on title and uniform, then everyone would be a Champion. Despite this, Revali grew to like his new scarf. He saw how emotionless Link was, and he is unable to know what is on his mind and believes there isn't much at all. He finds himself believing the tales that Link has bested adults in swordsmanship when he was only a child. He doesn't believe that Link would stand a chance against him as there is no one alive who can keep up with his aerial combat. This reminds him of the move that he mastered recently and thinks it's time to give it a name, but he has a hard time thinking of a name that he finds appealing.[21]

Revali takes part in Link's personal ceremony with the Champions as the latter is becoming Zelda's personal knight, though he was bored through the whole process given Princess Zelda's abysmal tone during her speech. Daruk comments in disappointment on the depressing atmosphere which an annoyed Revali tells him that the ceremony was his idea and does agree that the whole scene is overkill and seems to relate to the princess in regard to their views on Link.[22] Urbosa tells him to drop it as she explains that Link is a living reminder of her own failures, which is in Zelda's perspective anyway.[23]

When Link and the princess pays a visit to Rito Village, the latter is already speaking with the Rito elder while Link meets with Revali, who makes a grand entrance with his signature move, Revali's Gale. He then starts to boast about his list of achievements, one of which is the creation of his gale he showed him and when properly used, they should easily be able to turn back Ganon.[24] Revali hops off the fence as he encircles Link as he goes on the subject that despite the fact that he is among the most skilled archers of the Rito, he feels like his talents are being wasted when he is put on the spot where he is a mere supporter to him since Link possessed the Master Sword.[25] He then offers an opening to prove him wrong and challenges Link to a duel and wonders where they will do it and then he points it up to Vah Medoh which is in the sky. Revali chuckles as he tells Link that he has no way of getting up there on his own as he flies off, sarcastically wishing him luck.[26]

In the seventh entry, when Princess Zelda was speaking with the elder, Revali meets with Link, who is still as stoic as ever. Revali tries to communicate with Link but he doesn't speak to him, and he is unable to understand why everyone likes him. He gave him the honor of witnessing his move, which he dubs Revali's Gale, knowing that he would not be successful in getting a reaction out of him in this way and as he predicted, Link doesn't respond to it which Revali interprets as the Hylian knight being slow-witted. He would try to get tough and provoke the knight into facing him which Link doesn't react to at all and Revali is frustrated with the feeling like he was talking to a rock. Having wasted his time, he flew up to Vah Medoh to find solace there, and wonders what was wrong with him.[27]

In the eighth and final entry, Daruk comes to visit Revali and tells him that they must bring Princess Zelda to Mt. Lanayru. That they would have to see her off in the morning and at sunset. Revali is miffed that he had to participate in it, but the look on her face when she pleaded him into doing his part still haunts him, as she wasn't just determined, but also desperate. He is aware that the princess knew that she could not fulfil her sacred duties and it was plain to see how heavy it was for her. Revali admits that he has trouble comprehending the problems of those who lack talent, but he tries his hardest to show empathy towards her situation. He does like the princess, but as much as she tries her best, he knows that it wouldn't be good enough. Revali would not bear to see her off in the morning, but he decides to see her at sunset, and hopes that her sealing power would cut her some slack and finally awaken this time.[28]

Later, Revali and the Champions see Link and Zelda returning from Mt. Lanayru where the princess had a despondent look on her face as Revali steps forward as he somberly asks if Zelda did not feel any power,[29] which Zelda confirms that she didn't.[30] Urbosa insists that they must move on as being absorbed in self-pity won't do anything to help and states that just about anything could spark that power. Mipha is about to offer Zelda some advice in regard to how she uses her healing power when the ground suddenly starts to shake, prompting Revali to fly up and investigate what was happening and to his shock, Calamity Ganon has emerged from below Hyrule Castle and rejoins the Champions. When Mipha asks him if he is sure,[31] Revali replies that, he is positive.[32] Daruk rallies the Champions to head to their Divine Beasts and Link to go to Hyrule Castle, with Revali looking away when Daruk said that. Urbosa tells Zelda that she must take refuge, but Zelda declines and tells them that she must at least do something to help.

Revali took to the sky and flew straight to Divine Beast Vah Medoh, but as soon as he arrived, he saw that Vah Medoh was already corrupted by Windblight Ganon. Revali puts up a fight with the monster, but he ends up losing his life. The Rito were despondent over their loss of their beloved warrior, and they named the platform Revali's Landing, so that the memory of the tragic events that led to his death will be remembered.[33]

One hundred years later, Link returned to Rito Village to free the Divine Beast, enlisting Teba's help to reach it. Revali's spirit acknowledges him upon entering and shows Link where the map of Medoh can be found.[34] Once Link receives the map, Revali will instruct him to activate all of the terminals to take back control and asks if he's up for the challenge.[35] Revali will gradually become more surprised as Link activates each terminal.[36][37][38][39] After opening all of the terminals and activating the main control unit,[40] Windblight Ganon appears and Revali advises Link to use caution.[41]

After the battle is over, Revali appears before Link as a spirit and thanks him for defeating the monster and freeing both him and Medoh.[42] He tells him not to take pride in doing his job, but he grants Link Revali's Gale, which allows the hero to create a column of wind which Link can utilize to fly into the air.[43] Revali then intends on taking Medoh to its position on Hyrule Castle and playfully teases Link by adding only if he needed his help and allows him to feel free to thank him.[44] As Link vanishes, Revali tells him to leave since he isn't finished his mission and Princess Zelda has been waiting for a long time.[45] Revali then takes Medoh to the highest point of Rito Village and takes aim at Hyrule Castle.[46] With Link absent, Revali admits that Link is indeed worthy despite his lack of wings and accomplished what he couldn't and hopes Link's luck holds up for everyone's sake.[47]

When Revali's Gale is activated, Revali's spirit will soar up with Link until he reaches his peak before vanishing, and he will let Link know when his power has completed its cooldown.[48]

Once The Champions' Ballad is active, Link can take on EX Champion Revali's Song Quest and go through the trials that Revali himself went through. After the challenge is completed,[49] Kass will note that Revali has never been comfortable with sharing his feelings with others.[50] Revali will be shocked that Link had managed to complete his trial and permits him to use his power far more often and with the strength he had gained, he just might have a chance at defeating Calamity Ganon.[51] After that, Revali's Gale will be upgraded to Revali's Gale +.

When Link repeats his battle with Windblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm, Revali will give additional dialogue. In the first dialogue, Revali will ask how Rito Village is faring and there is no one alive who personally know him, but he will always regard it as his home.[52] In the second dialogue, Revali tell Link that they should have had their fight to settle their rivalry once and for all.[53] In the third dialogue, Revali will deny that he is not the author of the diary with his name on it, calling it a misleading title.[54] In the fourth dialogue, Revali sees that Link is training vigorously and notes that he might be anxious of his upcoming battle and may be looking to him to give words of comfort, but Revali is more content with keeping him in line.[55] In the fifth and final dialogue, Revali tells Link not to bring up any topics about him to Princess Zelda, but since it has been a century, he believes that her memory isn't what it used to be anyway.[56]

Upon Link's return to fight Ganon, Revali uses Vah Medoh's power with the other Champions to weaken the beast.[57] After Calamity Ganon's defeat, Revali's spirit is shown with the other Champions and King Rhoam high above Hyrule Castle. After momentarily watching Link and Zelda depart, his spirit disappears along with the King and remaining Champions.

Age of Calamity

Revali - HWAoC key art.png

"A gifted archer who has mastered an aerial move previously thought impossible. While boastful, he has the skills to back up his claims. Now, he is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vha Medoh."

At the start of the Revali, the Rito Warrior Scenario, Link and the mysterious Diminutive Guardian named Terrako push their way through a snowstorm as the Rito observe them and fly off. Revali is by himself at the Flight Range when his Rito scouts arrive to tell him about another attack, which a flustered Revali commands them to proceed with a swing of his wing.[58] As the Rito fly out of the range, Revali walks out with his arms crossed as he declares that Rito Village is his home and as long as he is here, he won't let any foe get any closer before taking off with Revali's Gale,[59] and the Rito captains take measures to prevent access from the village including destroying the bridge, forcing Link and the party to take another route while dealing with the Rito warriors. Eventually, Revali acts as the last line of defense and confronts Link himself, and as they fought, Link managed to hurl Revali against a barricade which he soars upwards unfazed and shoots a Bomb Arrow into the air and circles around to use his talons to kick off Link's shield though Terrako alerts Link to the falling Bomb Arrow. Revali switches tactics and fires more Bomb Arrows to create a smokescreen and eventually flips upside down to shoot at Link's unprotected back, saying that Link thinks he's good but he himself is better.[60] Link immediately turns around to swing his sword at Revali and before any of them are hurt or killed, Princess Zelda arrives with a shout for them to end their scuffle,[61] as both Hylian and Rito warriors falter with Link only deflecting a stray normal arrow which lands near the princess. Later at the Flight Range, Revali explains that there was another Guardian like Terrako that had been leading several attacks on Rito Village,[62] which led them to mistake Terrako for the one that led the assault. Princess Zelda is nonetheless relieved that none of them were harmed, with Revali scowling at Link. Impa is interested on the topic of another Guardian, which the Princess stating that they must come up with a strategy. Revali pipes in as he lets her know that he is accepting his call to become Divine Beast Vah Medoh's pilot,[63] but he walks over to Link,[64] and asks if she is sure if the "pathetic knight" has what it takes.[65] Terrako startles everyone,[66] by chiming in and Impa believes that Terrako is calling itself a knight to the princess, which shocks Revali at first, before he scoffs it off dubbing them ridiculous.[67]

During The Yiga Clan Attacks! Scenario, when the Champions are fighting back against the Yiga Clan, commanded by Sooga, Revali gets an idea that they should use a pincer attack strategy by attacking from both east and western sides of the enemy stronghold.[68] Once they do, Revali will notice that the Yiga Clan are running away so he commands to attack their stronghold.[69] When they find a Hinox inside the stronghold, Revali is miffed that they had to waste time with it, but he quickly becomes worried of it possibly invading Castle Town.[70]

During the Freeing Korok Forest Scenario, the Champions and Princess Zelda are at a high cliff as they observe the monsters besieging Korok Forest. Revali steps in and remembers that King Rhoam had chosen them for the important task and is honored to excel.[71] However, he starts to take his anger out on Link and severely questions his leadership in the coming battle.[72] Daruk reminds him that whoever's the leader doesn't matter and they're all dealing with the issue,[73] but Revali dismisses him and retorts that his Divine Beast is the key before he returns to sprouting more insults at Link,[74] until Urbosa sternly asks him how long they have to put up with his gloating.[75] Revali states that he's done talking before he summons Vah Medoh and gets onto it to root out all the monsters that are plaguing the forest.[76] In the end, Revali flies down to let them know that they are okay to proceed before he rejoins them.[77] During their stroll, Mipha talks about the mist in the eerie forest, as Revali goes on a rant on their progress and likely going in circles.[78] Daruk suggests that he should fly up and scout the area,[79] which Revali then snaps at him that he cannot see through the mist and harshly asks him if he ever thinks before he speaks.[80] Urbosa assures them that getting lost is the least of their problems and brings up the real issue is being unable to notice an attack. They eventually run into one of the forest residents Hestu who trying to get their attention and tells them that he's on his way back to the clearing. Daruk asks if he could bring them there, which unnerves Hestu due to the fact that there are so many monsters around. Revali then makes a snarky remark that he can get by without carrying his noisy maracas,[81] while Urbosa tells Hestu not to pay attention to him and offers to help him deal with the monsters for him,[82] which Hestu happily complies as he leads the way, with Revali shrugging as he follows them. They encounter mysterious appearances of Malice and four demonic doppelgangers of the Champions including one of Revali,[83] which are referred to as Hollows, created by the strange seer named Astor, who is allied with the dark forces to prevent the future from ever changing. After Link acquires the Master Sword to protect Zelda from the wicked seer and his Hollows, Revali rejoins the group as the Great Deku Tree wakes up and gave them his words of wisdom. From this point on, Princess Zelda begins becoming more worried as Link had managed to succeed whereas she didn't at something critical.

Revali Champion - HWAoC.png

During The Road Home, Besieged, Revali and the others are heading to Hyrule Castle where he stops when Zelda's anxiety at her inability to awaken her power starts to get to her. Terrako starts playing her lullaby to reveal that it had been with her since childhood before they were disrupted by a monster attack at Crenel Peak. Revali springs into action, through flying into the air, readying his bow, while the Champions brandish their weapons. They fought their way through armies of monsters around the castle. After the battle concludes with their victory, Revali and the Champions are promoted as the new Champions and Revali switches out his white tribal scarf for his new blue scarf as did the other Champions with some of their clothing. After the inauguration comes to an end, Revali and the others lounge at the gazebo with the others when Terrako starts to tease Impa, when she starts to boss it around, by swatting her hand until she starts chasing it. Eventually, Impa and Terrako end up catching Revali in the midst of their fight, which drives him insane as he tells them to take it somewhere else,[84] but they were too focused on each other to heed his voice. Soon, Revali becomes enraged,[85] and flies off to regain control of his temper.[86]

During the Calamity Strikes Scenario, Revali is seen calmly observing Calamity Ganon's revival at Hyrule Castle from the Hebra Sheikah Tower and notes how the crisis is extremely bad,[87] and he soon became terrified when the ground shakes violently as the Sheikah Towers are soon shut down cutting off all contact with the Champions and he is left without any other choice but to board Divine Beast Vah Medoh to launch a counterstrike against the abomination. When Princess Zelda despaired at her perceived failure over her being unable to awaken her power and unable to protect her apparently lost father and the Champions, Terrako plays her lullaby again and summons four Gates of Time which soar to the Divine Beasts, and they see Vah Medoh's circuity still pulsing blue which indicates that Revali is still alive, but the trailing Malice from the beast's wing is an indication that he is in danger and won't hold out for long unless something is done about it, which the same is said for the other Champions. Impa rallies them to initiate a rescue operation for the Champions' sake.

During the Air and Lightning Scenario, Revali is sealed inside Vah Medoh and is attacked by Windblight Ganon. He tries as much as he could to fight back, but he was pushed to the defensive many times and he cries out in pain and tries to brush it off as a mere scratch,[88] as he is sent flying as Windblight Ganon prepares to shoot a charged laser at the helpless watching Rito warrior. But before that could happen, the Gate of Time opens, and several arrows emerge and strikes at Windblight Ganon's cannon to catch it off-guard. The assailant reveals himself to be Teba who traveled back in time to rescue Revali and allow him to recover and get back into the fight. Teba distracts the wind-based creature,[89] while Revali tries to get revenge from above by shooting Bomb Arrows at it,[90] but Windblight Ganon deflects them. Teba is frustrated that it is still alive,[91] but Revali assures him that his support gave enough time for help to arrive as he sees Link and the party arrive via updraft created by Vah Naboris.[92] They only forced Windblight Ganon into leaving for a time-being as Urbosa and Riju arrive. Urbosa thanks Princess Zelda and her friends for their help and she thanks Riju for saving her life earlier, as Riju declines on taking credit as she says that they fought as one. Revali approaches Link and looks at him for a bit,[93] before telling him that he and Teba would have been fine without him, but he admits that it was better that he is here for them.[94] Teba is stunned by Revali's harsh personality and almost comments on it,[95] before Urbosa cuts him off before he could say anything hurtful about Revali before she asks Zelda about the fate of Hyrule Castle.[96] Revali and Teba join forces on Vah Medoh to help protect Western Hyrule from a surge of Guardians and powerful monsters, Teba prevents the Guardian Skywatchers from striking down the Rito Champion and shoots down the others before being pursued himself. Revali managed to destroy the pursuing Guardians that are hot on his trail which Teba is impressed by Revali's skills.[97] Revali smugly returns the Great Eagle Bow to his back, and he declares with his signature smirk that it's time for him to unleash Vah Medoh's divine power.[98] Working together to destroy the outposts, Windblight Ganon returns with a vengeance in an attempt to not only take Revali's life, but Teba's as well. Only this time, Revali is prepared for it delivers a full barrage of his fury with the use of Medoh's weapons to finally destroy the entity and successfully secured the area.

In the EX Searching Hyrule Forest Guardian of Remembrance Scenario, Revali spots a young Rito child roaming the forest and quickly loses track of it. Unsettled, Revali then lets Teba know what he saw, making Teba worried for its safety and implores him to let him come along. Revali, despite his doubts about Teba's emotional state, lets him do so. When asked for a description, Revali tells him that the child has the same-colored feathers and face as him and notes that he has never seen one like him in the village. Eventually the child turns up, with Teba immediately recognizing the child as his only son: Tulin who somehow ended up in this era. and the Rito Caption offered to protect Tulin when Teba expressed discomfort on leaving him alone in the monster infested forest. Tulin soon meets Revali, mistaking him for another Rito Warrior, before the shocked Revali corrects him that he is seeing the real deal. Tulin often expressed amazement at Revali's unrivaled prowess which Revali learns that he is still remembered, and there is still no one who has ever broken his records. When they reached their initial destination, which they found to be a dead end, Revali starts to lament that they don't have a way out without the help of the Koroks. Tulin reveals that he learned from the Koroks that the forest had secret passages that are covered by false walls, which amazed the adults around him and after a final surge of monsters were defeated, they managed to escape safely. As they make it back to the entrance, Teba lets Tulin off his back and tells him to thank Revali since he is the reason he lived.[99] Tulin complies to his request,[100] and stands in front of Revali to do so.[101] Revali smiles a bit as he tells Tulin that he is pretty good for a little kid.[102] Tulin is overjoyed to hear that,[103] as he excitedly tells him, while jumping close to Revali's face, that he's doing a lot of training so that he can be just like him and hopes that he will be able to master the Great Eagle Bow.[104] Revali sighs as he professionally reminds him that he could have died to the monsters back in the forest and notes that he is still happy despite the ordeal he was put through,[105] and tells him that it wouldn't be long before he becomes the master of the wind just like him.[106] Teba is in agreement with it, but he adds that he must first surpass his father.[107] Tulin shrugs as he imitates Revali's persona,[108] causing Teba to laugh before he gets himself under control as a seemingly miffed Revali asks if that was meant to sound like him.[109] Teba couldn't come up with an explanation and is at a loss for words, but surprisingly, the sight of the father-son bond and Tulin's humor was enough to make Revali's heart melt completely as he starts chuckling before it turns into a fit of laughing to the point where Revali clutched his tummy,[110] while Teba and Tulin follow up in laughter. After they calmed down, Tulin attempts his own take on Revali's Gale, which he calls Tulin's Tornado and jumps into the air though he ends up falling to the ground,[111] as Teba approaches him to check up on him,[112] as Revali chuckles again in amusement as he reminds Tulin that he still has a long way to go, affectionately nicknaming him "kid".[113]

In the Each Step Like Thunder Scenario, Revali is on board Vah Medoh as he helps save Urbosa and Riju from monstrous reinforcements with Mipha and Vah Ruta, and Daruk and Vah Rudania when they were overwhelmed in battle while they were protecting Fort Hateno. It was also the same place where Princess Zelda finally unleashes her dormant power to save Link from Astor and the Blight Ganons, as well as causing the corrupted Guardians to short-circuit before they were shut down. Purah creates a failsafe that strike into the source of Ganon's corruption of the Guardians, thus disabling them and depriving Ganon of its main unit in its forces which shifted the tides in Hyrule's favor. Because of Astor's betrayal harvesting the spirits of many members of the Yiga Clan to revive the fallen Blights, and Sooga's final fate remaining ambiguous, Master Kohga and the surviving Yiga defect to the Hyrulean Army to get revenge on Astor and Ganon for their mistreatment of them, especially that both Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno have been successfully defended from falling to enemy forces. King Rhoam is also found to have lived on thanks to the device that Zelda gave him that saved his life in his first encounter with the Guardians at Hyrule Castle.

In the All Hyrule, United Scenario, the Champions, past and present as well as the Divine Beasts and vast armies of each race have been summoned to Hyrule Field when Purah restored power to the Sheikah Towers and amplified them to bring them here. Revali is noticeably much more mature, relaxed and light-hearted than he used to be, as he is looking forward to flaunting their magnificence,[114] as Teba tells him to make his people proud of him.[115] With her father's approval, Princess Zelda takes command of the united army and reminds them that Hyrule is their home that they must defend with their lives and as long as they are united, they cannot be stopped before they charge at the outposts to take them over and defeat the monsters that hold up the barrier in order to bring it down with Zelda's power crippling it further. At Zelda's command,[116] Revali and the other three Champions open fire with their Divine Beasts to weaken Ganon,[117][118][119][120] but the sky turns red as the Blood Moon rises and brings back the fallen monsters. Despite being held back a bit because of the phenomenon, Revali and the united armies managed to breach through to the castle.

In The Future of Hyrule Scenario, Revali and Teba lead the air force while Princess Zelda leads the ground forces as they charge into Hyrule Castle. Astor and Harbinger Ganon awaited them as the former is becoming more unstable as he rants that it was his fate to destroy them. The Blight Ganons were also present, but they have been destroyed forever and the prophet and the harbinger are also defeated by them. Astor suffers a psychotic breakdown as he desperately orders Harbinger Ganon to destroy the heroes, but as Sooga had forewarned earlier, Ganon can never be controlled by mortal beings, and he himself was absorbed by Malice to take on a new form. The stray substance ends up possessing Terrako and turning it against Link and the princess against its will. After they defeated it, Princess Zelda as well as the Champions sadly mourned for their little friend. Princess Zelda is now furious and determined to ensure that Ganon is defeated once and for all as they charge upstairs to the castle sanctum where Ganon awaited them. Initially, because Ganon reincarnated successfully, it constantly shrugged off their attacks and Zelda attempts to use her power to seal it away. Her power reactivates Terrako, who rushes upstairs and uses the last of its strength to shatter Ganon's invincibility, raising the morale among the Champions, allowing them to effectively harm Ganon and they managed to weaken it. As Link charges at Ganon, Daruk,[121] and Revali,[122] cheer him on as Link uses the Blade of Evil's Bane to cripple Ganon enough for Princess Zelda to use her power to destroy him for good. As the people across the kingdom rejoice, the Champions witness light and peace returning to Hyrule and Terrako's screw glows as Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju are being sent back to their own time. Teba formally tells Revali that it has been enlightening to see the face behind the Champion, referring to Revali as a person, both his bad and good sides.[123][124] Princess Zelda expresses how eternally grateful she is of their help in protecting the kingdom and as the future warriors disappear, she wishes them a future full of light.

In the Terrako's Return Quest, because of Terrako's deeds that allowed the Champions to survive, the Divine Beasts to stay at Hyrule's side, and the kingdom standing strong in the end, even though there was so much damage that still needed to be cleaned up and repaired, the warriors decide to take part in bringing Terrako back to life to repay it for its miraculous deeds, and the warriors, even Revali, took part in hunting for Terrako's fifty components and bring them to the Royal Ancient Lab. While Terrako was able to be assembled, it doesn't seem to function at the moment leaving everyone concerned that they're weren't successful, but Revali reassures them that it is likely just waking up.[125] Impa agrees with him and tries to wake it up her way until Zelda stops her and steps in front of it. Soon, Terrako becomes fully responsive, and the Champions are relieved to see that Terrako is okay as it reunited with the emotional princess whom it plays its lullaby to. Following Terrako's reconstruction, it travels around Hyrule to visit its friends it made and when it went to Rito Village without much trouble this time, Revali pets it hello and lets it ride on his back as he flew. Revali is seen with the other Champions at Hyrule Castle where he gets into a group hug with his friends as the other warriors look on.

During the secret DLC ending, Revali, Teba, and Tulin are seen relaxing in the Flight Range. Revali is sitting in the corner as Tulin is sleeping on his lap and stops the blanket from blowing away, much to Teba's delight. Later, Revali and Teba are with both the present and future Champions as well as Princess Zelda and Impa as Terrako interacts and entertains them. Eventually, Revali and the Champions are at the top of the Sheikah Tower, each having returned to wearing their original attires as their destinies have been fulfilled, as they watch Princess Zelda take off on a paraglider and Terrako joining her. As they float forwards, Zelda and Terrako take a moment to enjoy the beautiful scene which is a good sign that the land is recovering well after the war and is much more confident and mature than she used to be and notes that their efforts to save the kingdom were well worth it.




Revali had an unwilling relationship with Link as is continuously shown in Link's memories. After becoming the Rito Champion, Revali was upset that as the pride of the Rito race, he became nothing more than the assistant to the Princess' Champion. Before Calamity Ganon's return, Revali never believed in Link's ability to become the Hero of Hyrule and looked down on him as a constant disappointment. Once Link defeated Windblight Ganon, the Rito finally acknowledged Link was a hero who could defeat Ganon and stood behind him when Link went to face the beast in Hyrule Castle.

Princess Zelda
Revali is very formal and professional with the Princess of Hyrule, and he treats her with upmost respect whenever they interact with one another. He is very sympathetic towards her in regard to her being unable to fulfil her sacred duty to access her sealing magic, when he asks in a somber tone of voice how it went rather than harshly criticizing her for failing to reach her goals. Revali finds a kindred spirit in the princess as they had worked diligently to unlock their powers and feels her pain when he thinks of the burdens she's carrying.

Revali and Mipha rarely interact with each other, despite sometimes sharing the same cutscenes together. In times when they do acknowledge each other's presence, most prominent in Age of Calamity's battle challenges when they are paired, Revali is very sweet and warm towards her,[126] and he understands her importance regarding her role as the team medic and will remind her from time to time to look out for herself. From Mipha's side, she doesn't verbally call him out the way Daruk and Urbosa do, but she does show subtle annoyance whenever he acts up. Despite this, she still shows much admiration for the Rito Warrior and is often the most patient with his shortcomings.

Due to their contrasting personalities and their relationship with Link, Revali and Daruk don't usually get along and the two have at times gotten into arguments over different things, with Daruk's disapproval of his harsh treatment of Link and isn't afraid to talk back to Revali every now and then, while Revali often makes snarky remarks at him. Regardless, outside of their usual bouts of bickering, they have some moments during Age of Calamity's battle challenges where Daruk and Revali acknowledge their importance and give respect to each other when it's due.

Revali and Urbosa often tend to be hit-or-miss, as Urbosa is often the one who stands up to Revali and has more success at getting him to calm down than the others have, and Revali seems to answer to her whenever she scolds him. As much as she doesn't take kindly to Revali's abrasive behavior, she never actually disliked him and is concerned for him as she wanted him to understand that since he is young, he is Hyrule's future as much as Mipha, Link, and Zelda are and Revali admires Urbosa's skills when paired in battle.

Revali and Terrako did not have a good start when they first met, especially when Harbinger framed Terrako for attacking his village and even after the misunderstanding was cleared up, Revali is still iffy around it, especially when Terrako stands up to him and, according to Impa, calls itself Zelda's knight as well, and when Terrako tried to get Revali involved during its fight with Impa to which it invades his space. Overtime however, ever since Terrako brought back the future warriors to save the Champions and when Terrako was damaged after becoming possessed by Ganon's Malice, Revali silently mourns its state with the other Champions and after Calamity Ganon is defeated, Revali partakes in repairing Terrako after it destroyed itself to turn the tides and he is seen flashing a warm smile before he looks away, indicating that Terrako had grown on him and when Terrako visits Rito Village without any issues with the Rito, Revali greets it by petting it and lets it fly on his back, solidifying their friendship.

Teba had a strong admiration for Revali and his courage and heroic acts he committed in the past and when he sees Revali battling Windblight Ganon, about to die, Teba travels back in time to protect him and distracts his enemy to allow Revali to get revenge. Teba isn't pleasantly surprised when he saw how dismissive and rude, he was to Link and nearly makes a comment about it before Urbosa stops him. It doesn't kill off the enthusiasm he felt when Revali shoots the Guardian Skywatchers to defend him when he easily becomes impressed by it. Out of all the people Revali had met and interacted with, Teba is among one of the few people whom he treats with genuine kindness and Teba becomes delighted when he witnesses his son Tulin bonding with Revali and how easily he can get Revali, who's usually reserved for the most part, to smile and laugh.

Even before personally meeting Tulin, Revali becomes worried for Tulin's safety and as he doesn't remember seeing a child like him, he turns to Teba for help in saving him. After tracking down the Rito boy, Revali noticed Tulin's potential when the boy reveals his ability to read the wind and has received knowledge from the Koroks about the forest's false walls and when they make it out, Revali quickly warms up to Tulin and commends his skills, even when he isn't quite there yet. Tulin's innocence and enthusiasm of him amplifies Revali's positive emotions to the point of laughing, revealing that Revali has a soft spot for children.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Revali appears as an Advanced Support Spirit that can increase the user's shooting attack damage. His spirit battle has the player pitched in a stamina battle against Falco with dangerously high winds in effect at the battlefield stage of Skyloft.


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Voice Actors

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
English Revali Revali Sean Chiplock
Japanese (日本語) リーバル (Rībaru) Revali Noboru Yamaguchi (山口 登)
Russian Ревали (Revali) Revali Nikolay Bystrov
EU Spanish Revali Revali Marcel Navarro
LA Spanish Revali Revali Enzo Fortuny
German Revali Revali Dirk Petrick
French Revali Revali Hervé Grull
Italian Revali Revali Massimo Di Benedetto


  • Revali's final design was completed before the rest of the Rito, since it determined what the rest of the Rito would look like.[127]
  • Revali is the only Champion who developed his power, while the rest of the Champions were born with theirs.
  • Revali is left-handed, as evidenced when he holds his bow with his right wing while pulling the string with his left wing.
  • Revali's techniques have inspired many male Rito to train their sons in archery.
  • Revali is the only Champion whose weapon does not appear in the Illusory Realm fight against Windblight Ganon in Breath of the Wild, as the Great Eagle Bow is markedly accurate and powerful for the fight to be challenging.
  • The only other known Rito to have Revali's ability is Tulin and The Sage Of Winds.


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