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This is a list of characters found in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.


Calamity Ganon

Calamity Ganon - HWAoC.png
Main article: Ganon#Age of Calamity

"A new incarnation of Ganon, born after absorbing Astor's power. He was revived to bring Hyrule to ruin and has now been sealed away by Link, Zelda, and the others."

— In-game description


Daruk - HWAoC key art.png
Main article: Daruk#Age of Calamity

"A Goron warrior who possesses the power to deflect attacks. He cares deeply for his fellow Gorons. Now, he is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Rudania."

Great Fairies

Great Fairies - HWAoC.png
Main article: Great Fairies

"Four sisters called Tera, Kaysa, Mija and Cotera. They are residents of secret fountains hidden across Hyrule. They have temporarily gathered in a single bud to aid Link."

— In-game description


Hestu - HWAoC.png
Main article: Hestu#Age of Calamity

"The musician of Korok Forest who loves to dance. He favors a set of maracas filled with Korok Seeds. Some believe his dancing possesses mystical power."

— In-game description


Impa - HWAoC key art.png
Main article: Impa#Age of Calamity

"The adviser to Hyrule's royal family and a revered member of the Sheikah tribe. She is dedicated to her work and known for being steadfast and diligent. She can be distractible at times."

King Rhoam

King Rhoam - HWAoC.png
Main article: King Rhoam#Age of Calamity

"The king of Hyrule and father to Zelda. He leads the Hyrulean army. He is intent on stopping the Calamity and restoring peace to the world."

— In-game description


Link Soldier Set - HWAoC key art.png
Main article: Link#Age of Calamity

"A skilled swordsman serving the royal family of Hyrule. Born to a line of imperial guards, he is renowned for his fighting skills and courage."

Master Kohga

Master Kohga - HWAoC key art.png
Main article: Master Kohga#Age of Calamity

"The Chief of the Yiga Cian and a uniting force for his unwavering followers. He leaves all tasks, save napping, to his underlings. He works with the Hyrulean army to get revenge for his fallen friends."

— In-game description


Mipha - HWAoC key art.png
Main article: Mipha#Age of Calamity

"The princess of the Zora, who possesses an incredible healing power. She was childhood friends with Link. Now, she is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Ruta."

Monk Maz Koshia

Monk Maz Koshia - HWAoC.png
Main article: Monk Maz Koshia#Age of Calamity

"A powerful Sheikah monk from 10,000 years past. He is one of the few who received a revelation from the Goddess Hylia. he has awaited the chosen hero's arrival within the shrine of trails."

— In-game description


Revali - HWAoC key art.png
Main article: Revali#Age of Calamity

"A gifted archer who has mastered an aerial move previously thought impossible. While boastful, he has the skills to back up his claims. Now, he is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vha Medoh."


Riju - HWAoC.png
Main article: Riju#Age of Calamity

"A descendant of Champion Urbosa, from the future. She assumed the mantle of Gerudo chief when she was only a child. She fights fearlessly to protect her people."

— In-game description


Sidon - HWAoC.png
Main article: Sidon#Age of Calamity

"The Zora prince from the future and younger brother to Champion Mipha. He is unwaveringly positive with a strong sense of duty. He fights for Hyrule and to save his sister."

— In-game description


Teba - HWAoC.png
Main article: Teba#Age of Calamity

"A Rito warrior from the future who idolizes Champion Revali. He is peerless in the art of flying and devoted to training. He can also be quick to anger."

— In-game description


Terrako - HWAoC.png
Main article: Terrako

"A tiny Guardian who has traveled from the future to save Zelda. It was broken in the fight against the Calamity but has now been repaired and reactivated thanks to the efforts of Link and the others."

— In-game description


Urbosa - HWAoC key art.png
Main article: Urbosa#Age of Calamity

"The chief of the Gerudo who possessed the power to command lightning itself. She was close friends with the late queen of Hyrule. Now, she is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Naboris."


Yunobo - HWAoC.png
Main article: Yunobo#Age of Calamity

"A descendant of Champion Daruk, from the future. While he is a bit of a coward, he is brave when it counts. He fights for Hyrule and to save those he cares about."

— In-game description


Zelda Sheikah Slate - HWAoC key art.png
Main article: Zelda#Age of Calamity

"The princess of Hyrule, in whose veins flows the blood of the goddess. She is devoted to researching ancient technology and awakening her sacred power."

Battle-Tested Guardian (DLC)

Battle-Tested Guardian - HWAoC.png
Main article: Battle-Tested Guardian

"This Guardian was created to protect Hyrule in an age long forgotten. Its battle scars call to mind fierce conflicts against ancient enemies. It is theorized that this is a specialized model, as it is much more powerful than other Guardians."

— In-game description

Purah & Robbie (DLC)

Purah and Robbie - HWAoC.png
Main article: Purah and Robbie
See also: Purah and Robbie

"Eccentrically Genius Researchers: Researchers operating out of the Royal Ancient Lab. They have joined the fray to help put an end to the Calamity. They work together and fight together, but they still seem to bicker from time to time..."

— In-game description

Sooga (DLC)

Sooga - HWAoC.png
Main article: Sooga

"The leading figure and devoted soldier of the Yiga Clan. He tends to the pressing organizational duties of his clan in Master Kohga's stead."

— In-game description

Key Characters


Main article: Astor

"A seer from a certain small village in Hyrule who plotted to revive Calamity Ganon. He was defeated and subsequently absorbed by the Calamity."

— In-game description


Purah - HWAoC.png
Main article: Purah#Age of Calamity

"A Sheikah researcher and Hyrule's foremost authority on ancient relics. She is Impa's older sister and Robbie's colleague. She is both brilliant and opinionated, and she tends to get carried away with her research."

— In-game description


Robbie - HWAoC.png
Main article: Robbie#Age of Calamity

"A Sheikah researcher and colleague to Purah who also investigates ancient relics. He is Hyrule's foremost authority on Guardians. While rebellious, he is largely unwilling to stand up to Purah."

— In-game description


Ahrt Secro

Ahrt Secro - HWAoC.png
Main article: Ahrt Secro

Proprietor of Secro's Supplies.

Aju the Dyer

Aju - HWAoC.png
Main article: Aju

Proprietor of the Kochi Dye Shop.


Bena - HWAoC.png
Main article: Bena

Travelling merchant.


Beni - HWAoC.png
Main article: Beni

Proprietor of High Spirits Produce.


Bulk - HWAoC.png
Main article: Bulk

Proprietor of Royo-Royo Depot.

Cedro the Blacksmith

Cedro - HWAoC.png
Main article: Cedro

Proprietor of the Hylian Blacksmith Guild


Cheria - HWAoC.png
Main article: Cheria


Dayfah - HWAoC.png
Main article: Dayfah

Traveling Merchant.


Ettu - HWAoC.png
Main article: Ettu

Traveling Merchant.


Makimi - HWAoC.png
Main article: Makimi

Proprietor of the Mabe Ranch Co-op.


Monda - HWAoC.png
Main article: Monda

Traveling Merchant.


Rhodo - HWAoC.png
Main article: Rhodo

Traveling Merchant.

Instructor Rubeo

Rubeo - HWAoC.png
Main article: Rubeo

Proprietor of the Military Training Camp.


Saezuri - HWAoC.png
Main article: Saezuri

Proprietor of Snowy Feathers.


Segimo - HWAoC.png
Main article: Segimo

Traveling Merchant.

Seru the Jeweler

Seru - HWAoC.png
Main article: Seru

Proprietor of Dearest Stars.