Royo-Royo Depot

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Royo-Royo Depot

"Here at Royo-Royo Depot, we work year-round to fulfill your every need!"

— In-Game Description

Royo-Royo Depot is a general store service run by Bulk available in Age of Calamity. It is unlocked by completing the quest Gotta Have a Sign. Located on the eastern side of Death Mountain, it can benefit from discounts in East Hyrule, up to 40%.

Price List

Items Stock Price
Flint.png Flint 10 Green-rupee.png 20 - 12
Fireproof-lizard.png Fireproof Lizard 10 Green-rupee.png 25 - 15
Smotherwing-butterfly.png Smotherwing Butterfly 10 Green-rupee.png 10 - 6
Spicy Pepper.png Spicy Pepper 3 Green-rupee.png 15 - 9
Rock Salt.png Rock Salt 7 Green-rupee.png 12 - 7
Goron Spice.png Goron Spice 5 Green-rupee.png 15 - 9