Meditative Training

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Meditative Training
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Meditative Training is a service in Age of Calamity.

Age of Calamity

"A curious room in the temple, perfect for meditation. Entering the room relaxes your spirit and prepares you for meditative training."

Meditative Training is a place where characters can train freely in the use of their powers. It is unlocked by bringing three Hyrule Herbs to the Sage Temple as part of the "Relief for Soldier Stress" quest. Burning the herbs is said to help "soldiers achieve balance in body and mind"

Taking place in a room similar to Test of Strength shrines, the character faces a group of Bokoblins and a single Moblin. On killing any of the enemies, they quickly respawn.

Characters take no damage from attacks, although they can be knocked back or down. Temporary damage - such as Link's sacrifice strong attack from his two-handed weapon moveset - is still taken, but cannot reduce the character to less than one-quarter of a heart.

Special Attack gauges refill almost instantly when used, though unique character gauges - such as Impa's symbols or Urbosa's Lightning Gauge - must be filled the normal way.

Characters and weapons can be freely changed at any time, however no character can gain experience points or level up during Meditative Training.