Dearest Stars

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Dearest Stars
Dearest Stars - HWAoC.png






"Trust our merchandise to make you shine brighter than the brightest star."

— In-Game Description

Dearest Stars is a general store service run by Seru available in Age of Calamity It is unlocked by completing the quest Wanted: Shop Assistant. Located in Gerudo Town, it can benefit from discounts in West Hyrule, up to 40%.

Price List

Items Stock Price
Amber.png Amber 3 Green-rupee.png 120 - 72
Opal.png Opal 3 Green-rupee.png 240 - 144
Topaz.png Topaz 3 Green-rupee.png 720 - 432
Ruby.png Ruby 1 Green-rupee.png 840 - 504
Sapphire.png Sapphire 1 Green-rupee.png 1,040 - 624
Diamond.png Diamond 1 Green-rupee.png 2,000 - 1,200