High Spirits Produce

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High Spirits Produce

High Spirits Produce is a general store in Kakariko Village. The store is located in the southwest end of town inside a building across from The Curious Quiver.

Breath of the Wild

The store is primarily run by Trissa who sells mostly cooking ingredients. Steen is Trissa's husband and also works at the store, supplying Swift Carrots.

Just outside the shop, there is a Cooking Pot and a sitting area where people can cook and eat their meals outdoors. Koko uses this cooking pot and her little sister Cottla eats dinner here daily. Several of quests involving Koko require Link to acquire ingredients that are readily available at the High Spirits Produce. For Koko's Kitchen, Link will need to get Swift Carrots and for Cooking with Koko, Link will need to get some Goat Butter.

Items Sold

High Spirits Produce sells four items; Bird Eggs, Goat Butter, Swift Carrots, and Bokoblin Guts. At the cost of 80 rupees, Link shouldn't bother with Bokoblin Guts, as they are much more easily obtained by defeating Blue Bokoblin.

When asked for any recommendations, Trissa recommends the Swift Carrots, as they are grown by her husband Steen. Along with Fortified Pumpkins, they are what Kakariko Village is known for. Trissa actually would like to sell Fortified Pumpkins as well, but because of the strained relationship between Steen and Olkin, they are not available. Trissa recommends Link visit Olkin's Patch to get some pumpkins.[1]

Material Icons Quantity Price
Bokoblin Guts.png
Swift Carrot.png
Bird Egg.png
Goat Butter.png

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

High Spirits Produce as it appears in Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, this shop service becomes available after completing the Road to the Ancient Lab scenario in Chapter 1, and is unlocked by completint the quest Pumpkin Burglars. It is run by Beni and located in Necluda, benefitting from discounts in East Hyrule, up to 40%.

Items Stock Price
Swift Carrot.png Swift Carrot 10 Green-rupee.png 16 - 9
Bird Egg.png Bird Egg 5 Green-rupee.png 12 - 7
Goat Butter.png Goat Butter 5 Green-rupee.png 12 - 7
Fortified Pumpkin.png Fortified Pumpkin 10 Green-rupee.png 20 - 12
Cane Sugar.png Cane Sugar 5 Green-rupee.png 12 - 7
Bokoblin Guts.png Bokoblin Guts 5 Green-rupee.png 80 - 48


  1. Recommendations... Let me think... Well, everything I sell, really. But if you want specifics, there's always swift carrots. My mister grows 'em. They put Kakariko Village on the map. Actually...to be honest, there's one other crop Kakariko is known for: fortified pumpkins.I'd sell them here, but you see... my mister and the pumpkin farmer - they don't exactly get along. So if you want fortified pumpkins, you'll have to get some straight form Olkin's patch. - Trissa