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Mellie (wife)

Olkin is a character found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Olkin resides in Kakariko Village where he lives with his wife, Mellie. They live in the home located just east of Enchanted, the armor shop within Kakariko Village. During the daytime, Olkin will manage his pumpkin patch known as Olkin's Pumpkins, located just beside his home.

Olkin has a bitter rival in the form of Steen. Steen grows Swift Carrots and has a belief that a strong offense is a good defense. Where as Olkin believes in a strong defense, showcased by the fact that he grows Fortified Pumpkins, which grant a Defense Boost when cooked. Olkin refers to Steen as a savage old man who can't stop talking about a strong offense. [1][2][3]

Olkin awakes at 6am each morning and spends most of his day managing his pumpkin patch.[4] Olkin will tell Link about how Fortified Pumpkins increase defense and the more that are in the dish, the higher effect it has.[5][6] Fortified Pumpkins are available for sale for 20 rupees a piece.

At 5pm each evening, Olkin and his wife Mellie will meet just outside their home, at their outdoor wood stove, where Mellie will cook a meal.[7] Olkin will comment that his wife's dishes are out of this world due to the amount of Fortified Pumpkins that are in the recipe.[8]

At 8pm, Olkin will be full of energy and will go for a jog around town.[9][10] Olkin will tell Link about the secret art of defense, showcased by the shrine that sits about the village. The Ta'loh Naeg Shrine will teach Link about the Perfect Dodge and Perfect Guard. While Olkin is not familiar with these methods, he wants to stay vigilant, being ready for when that trial presents itself.[11]

Olkin's rivalry with Steen gets the best of him during these late night hours. When going for his job, Olkin will trample all over Steen's carrot garden and is ashamed when Link catches him.[12][13] Although if Link says he didn't see anything, Olkin laughs and continues to trample all over the garden.[14] He seems embarrassed and tells Link a story about how when he use to go hunting with Steen, Olkin preached patience, where as Steen would run ahead, causing the prey to run away. More so than that, Olkin seems really upset that Steen and his wife Trissa will not sell his pumpkins at the High Spirits Produce, the general store at the west end of the village.[15] Despite getting caught and stating that he's no longer going to stomp on the garden, his grudge with Steen gets the best of him and he continuous to damage the garden.[16]

Around 3am, Olkin will return home to go to bed. If Link is standing in the door facing inside, Olkin will creep up behind him and get scared that Link he in his home.[17] At nighttime, Olkin can be seen dreaming about how pumpkins are better than carrots, and also about how he will protect his wife.[18]


  • If you approach Olkin with a Remote Bomb he will respond by exclaiming "A blue pumpkin?!"



  1. There are savage old men out there who do nothing but prattle on about how the good best defense is a good offense... But I know better. I believe that one who masters the art of defense is the strongest of all. - Olkin
  2. Ha! That old geezer is as savage as ever. He's always running around yelling nonsense like, "The best defense is a good offense!" - Olkin
  3. There's a hotheaded geezer who says, "The best defense is a good offense." Poppycock, I say! I firmly believe the best offense is a good defense. - Olkin
  4. Ha! You wanna buy a fortified pumpkin, don'tcha? Of course ya do! As it were, I'm heading to the fields right now... Mind waiting just a bit longer? - Olkin
  5. Fortified pumpkins make you stronger. I ask the old lady to keep 'em cookin' so I can eat some every day. - Olkin
  6. Use a fortified pumpkin in your cooking to make a dish as form as my abs. Food like that will increase your defense. Putting lots of fortified pumpkin in the dish is key. Go on-experiment a bit! - Olkin
  7. Sorry, mister. It's dinnertime now. If this is about my pumpkins, can it wait until tomorrow? - Olkin
  8. My wife's tough dishes are made from fortified pumpkins. They're out of this world. There are A LOT of fortified pumpkins in that recipe, I tell ya what. - Olkin
  9. What are you doing out in the middle of the night? As for me, the first step to achieving great defense is training your legs. That's why I'm running at this hour. Training is the best way to learn the secret art of defense, after all. - Olkin
  10. A lot happened today, but it's the perfect night to train and try to get my mind off the foolish things that distract it. - Olkin
  11. Long ago, a wise master known simply as the swordsman was enshrined-right in this village, no less. It is said that if you overcome his trial, you will master the secret art of defense. However, no one knows exactly what this "trial" entails... That is why I must stay vigilant with my training, so that I am ready whenever this trial presents itself to me! - Olkin
  12. OH! Oh... it's you. Wh-what do you need? - Olkin
  13. OH! Oh... You're still here, eh? - Olkin
  14. Ha! Then I suppose all is well. However... I'm a tad busy right now. If ya need something, mind coming back later? - Olkin
  15. It seems...you caught me. I could never get along with Steen... no matter how I tried. Even when we'd go hunting together, I'd slowly crouch down to get close to our prey, but he'd just charge in yelling. "Offense is killing!" That's what he'd bellow. Annoyed the tar outta me. Needless to say, our prey always ran... On top of that, he just refuses to sell my pumpkins in his shop! But... My, what have I done? I'm just so mortified... But being caught in the act makes me realize what I've become... As of today...I'll stop taking my anger out on the crops. - Olkin
  16. You caught me again... I try to stop myself, but this grudge has grown over the years. It takes me over. No! the past is behind me! It really is... Still...I just can't stand the fact that he refuses to stock my pumpkins at his shop! But whatever the reason may be, I plain shouldn't be doing such things... I've come to my senses now that you've caught me again. Thank you. As of today...I'll stop taking my anger out on the crops. - Olkin
  17. Baaah! Hm?! Oh. It's you. No one's usually home, other than my wife. So, yeah... Don't scare me like that! - Olkin
  18. I'll protect you...my sweet wife... - Olkin