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Trissa (wife)

Steen is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Steen works as a farmer in Kakariko Village, where he grows Swift Carrots that are then sold by his wife Trissa at their shop, the High Spirits Produce. After waking up each morning at 6am, Steen can be found maintaining his carrot garden located near his house, just up the hill from Mellie's Plum Garden. He will be there rain or shine and admires his work.[1] He comments that it looks like the soil has been tilled through the night.[2] In reality this was his rival Olkin, who was try to trample all over his carrots, but instead, actually helped the soil. Olkin's rivalry with Steen stems from their different philosophies, as Olkin has a more defensive mindset. Olkin is also upset that Steen won't allow him to sell his Fortified Pumpkins over at the High Spirits Produce.[3]

If Link criticizes Steen's carrots, he will get very upset, yelling at Link and telling him to be more polite.[4] On the flip side if Link praises the carrots, Steen encourages Link to visit the High Spirits Produce.[5]

Steen works most of the morning and early afternoon and at 3pm each day, he will check on how his wife has been doing.[6][7] He arrives at the High Spirits Produce store each day around 4pm, and will stay until 8pm. He is overly concerned about his wife, worried that she is tired, hungry, cold, and that she spends her whole day speaking with customers.[8] His wife is fine and tells Steen off, referring to him as a worrywart and an old coot.[9]

Steen is an advocate for a strong offense and can be seen practicing his sword techniques at nighttime, just outside of the High Spirits Produce. Although he practices using a rather weak Tree Branch. When he first meets Link, sees something familiar in him, but then laughs at him, as Link claims to be the same Link from the time during the Great Calamity.[10] Steen claims that the reason why Link was so strong is that he consumed a diet of nothing but Swift Carrots. He will gift Link a Swift Carrot so that he can be like the hero Steen remembers.[11]

Steen serves as a guide, teaching Link some of the basic offensive sword mechanics.[12][13][14][15]

First he will teach Link how to Focus on a particular enemy, using the target system.[16] He will also teach Link the Jump Attack maneuver, although warns Link that he can do damage to himself if he does it from too high up.[17] Lastly, Steen will teach Link how to sneak up on enemies to deliver a Sneakstrike. Link can crouch down and slowly walk up to his enemies to remain undetected and then deliver a sneakstrike, which will deal more damage.[18][19]

Like his rival Olkin, Steen wishes to enter the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, to find the secret art of offense.[20] Although in reality, the shrine teaches defense, as Link learns the Perfect Guard and Perfect Dodge.

At 3am each morning, Steen will end his sword lesson and will run back home. He comments that when he was much younger, he would train morning, noon, and night, but his old age has caught up with him and now he needs some sleep.[21]



  1. Aren't those swift carrots somethin' else? - Steen
  2. Oh. It's you... Nasty weather today. Welp, no matter what the weather has in store, these carrots have been growing as beautifully as ever. The soil is so nice every morning... it's almost like someone's been tilling the soil through the night. - Steen
  3. It caught me. I could never get along with Steen... no matter how I tried. Even when we'd go hunting together, I'd slowly crouch down to get close to our prey, but he'd just charge in yelling. "Offense is killing!" That's what he'd bellow. Annoyed the tar outta me. Needless to say, our prey always ran... On top of that, he just refuses to sell my pumpkins in his shop! But... My, what have I done? I'm just so mortified... But being caught in the act makes me realize what I've become... As of today...I'll stop taking my anger out on the crops. - Olkin
  4. "Not really." That's your response? The NERVE of this guy! Would it kill you to be polite?! - Steen
  5. Aren't they, though? Yep, I few these beauties here myself. We stock 'em at our materials shop. If you're hankerin' to pick up some nice swift carrots for yourself, I'd recommend headin' that way. - Steen
  6. Sorry, I'm in a hurry. My old lady is waitin' for me. - Steen
  7. This is my sweetie's material shop. I make it a point to stop by and see her a couple times a day. - Steen
  8. Hey, Trissa... Aren't you tired? Don't you hate talking to weird customers? Aren't you chilly? Have you eaten yet? - Steen
  9. Hee hee! Stop being such a worrywart, you old coot! - Trissa
  10. Hm? Do you need something? ... I haven't seen you around here before... But that's something so familiar about that face of yours... Ohhhh, yes. I remember now. It was long ago, when the Calamity hit... but you look just like the swordsman who was trying to stop it. - Steen
  11. Say what now? You're really the same swordsman from way back when?! Aha ha! Young people these days sure do like their jokes. If you were really that noble swordsman, you've have the legendary blade - the sword that seals the darkness. You see, the thing about that swordsman is... He trained with swift carrots instead of a blade! He strengthened his body with a diet made entirely of swift carrots! And he tempered his soul with the sweet aroma of swift carrots too! That's what my grandfather always used to say, anyway... So I suggest you stop joking around all the time and instead...have a carrot and try to be more like the swordsman! - Steen
  12. Lookin' for carrots? Well, you certainly came to the right place! If you wanna be strong like that legendary swordsman...follow me. - Steen
  13. So begins our training! Lesson one... The best defense is a good offense! Now come with me if you want to learn the secret art of combat. - Steen
  14. The best defense is a good offense! Would you like to master the art of combat? - Steen
  15. Wow! Interested in combat too... Just what I'd expect from such a big fan of the legendary swordsman. The Sheikah tribe has long excelled in knowledge and combat. We have quite a few secret techniques. I can't teach you ALL of them, but I think showing you just these few should be OK. - Steen
  16. When facing an enemy in combat... always focus in on them. That's the most basic of the basics as far as good offense goes. - Steen
  17. You can cause a shock wave on the ground just by swinging your swords while you're jumping. The higher up you are, the more damage you'll do. However... If you're TOO high up, you'll be the one who takes damage. Once you get the hang of this, it's quite useful for surprise attacks on groups of enemies down below you. - Steen
  18. If you move while crouched down instead of walking normally, you'll be a lot hard to detect. That's not just for monsters either. That's what I do when I'm trying to sneak up on wild animals too. - Steen
  19. What's with that judgmental look?! Sneakstrikes are a legitimate strategy! You just sneak up behind your foe... and before they realize you're there... HYAH! They're met with the taste of steel! Or wood, depending on your weapon of choice. Got it? They'll be no match if you sneak up on 'em! Since they aren't expecting the attack, you'll deal more damage too! - Steen
  20. To tell ya the truth, I'd like to take that trial thing at the village shrine and learn the secret art of offense. It's just... Well, no one knows the technique you need to enter the shrine. That's why I train like this every day. - Steen
  21. When I was younger, I worked out morning, noon, and night. But lately, my old age has caught up with me... If you'd like more sword lessons, come back again tomorrow night. - Steen