Mellie's Plum Garden

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Mellie's Plum Garden



Breath of the Wild
Kakariko Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Kakariko Village



Mellie's Plum Garden is a location from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom found within Kakariko Village.

Breath of the Wild

The garden is located near the center of town, just behind Olkin's Pumpkins and Enchanted, the armor shop that is in town. Mellie can be found watching over her garden from 7am until 5pm each day, rain or shine. The garden was planted by Impa on the day that Mellie was born and because of this, Mellie feels that there is a special connection between herself and the garden.[1] Mellie believes that if the trees are damaged and rot away, so would she.

If Link walks into the garden area, Mellie will immediately yell at Link, and Link, referring to Link as a rascal or darn whippersnapper.[2][3][4]

Link is able to destroy the garden while Mellie is there by tossing a Remote Bomb into the garden and exploding it. If Link talks to Mellie, she will notice that there are not as many trees anymore.[5] If Link destroys all the trees with bombs, or while Mellie is not there, she will be very sad, thinking that perhaps today is the day that her life loses its meaning.[6][7] Despite this, if Link leaves Kakariko Village, after a while Link can return and the Plum Trees will be back.

During the Flown the Coop quest, Link will need to recover all of the loose Cuccos for Cado, one of which is located in Mellie's Plum Garden. Link is not able to retrieve this Cucco during the daytime and will need to wait until sometime after 5pm, when Mellie leaves to go cook dinner.

Tears of the Kingdom

Mellie's Plum Garden can be found in the center of the Village. Mellie still tends to it, and is very protective over it. She has allowed Cori to plant a Sundelion inside, which is being used for research done by the Zonai Survey Team.

If Link attempts to enter the garden a swarm of Cuccos will attack him and knock him out. Mellie claims she has been training them to swoop on any trespassers.



  1. Plums symbolize endurance and prosperity. They way they persevere through the harshness of winter and flower at the first sign of spring... We Sheikah strive to live in harmony with our environment and consider plum trees the silent guardians of our village. These plums were planted by Impa on the day I was born. They're special to me, so I keep a close watch on them. - Mellie
  2. HEY! What are you doing?! These plum trees... I've been raising them my whole life. They've grown as I've grown. They're...part of me. When these trees eventually rot and fall will I. That's why I've painstakingly raised them with all the love I can muster. So as long as I'm around, there's no way I'll let you mess with my plum garden! - Mellie
  3. Like I said... You are NOT allowed in here! What if something happens to my plum trees? What if something happens to ME?! For goodness' sake... Just leave a poor old lady alone! You rascal! - Mellie
  4. Darn whippersnapper! - Mellie
  5. Perhaps it's just my imagination, but... it seems like there are fewer of them now than there used to be... - Mellie
  6. ... WHAT AM I SAYING? THIS IS NO TIME FOR A HISTORY LESSON! M-my plum trees... They're all gone! Those trees were my life... I suppose today's the day this old lady's life loses its meaning... - Mellie
  7. MY PLUM TREES! There isn't a single one left... - Mellie