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Cori is a character from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Cori is a member of the Zonai Survey Team, who can initially be found at the Ring Ruins above Kakariko Village. She is looking over the ruin where she found a Sundelion, trying to find seeds. She does not notice Link's presence, and will be upset that he snuck up on her when asked a question.

She will explain what a sundelion is, and that they have they have a relationship with Gloom that may help those suffering from exposure to it. It is rare to find them on the surface of Hyrule, so she is using the village's plum garden to cultivate them.

There is also a large stone slab on the wall, which comes from the Zonai civilization. Tauro, the Zonai Survey Team leader, has an idea of what the text means. He believes it refers to people called sages that kept the kingdom safe from a Demon King. She will then mutter to herself that she does not have time for this, and recuses herself back to her sundelion research.

Cori is the the author of the Note on the Table in the Ring Ruins, which can be found on a table not far away.