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Patrollers are ranked members that are trusted to check other users' edits for quality. They have the ability to mark edits as patrolled to let the rest of the staff know that edit has been checked already. They also have the ability to rollback all of one user's edits made to one page up until the last user that edited it.

Current Patrollers
Name Discussion Page Status Personal Sig
Satam User talk:Satam Active
Former Patrollers
Name Discussion Page Status Personal Sig
BlackRayquaza98 User talk:BlackRayquaza98 Inactive
Odd300 User talk:Odd300 Inactive Rosa-4Koma-2.png Odd300 Rosa-4Koma-2.png (T|C|Uplds)
Thortok2000 User talk:Thortok2000 Active
Atticus‏‎ User talk:Atticus‏‎ Retired
EzikielofHyrule‏‎ User talk:EzikielofHyrule‏‎ Retired
Ganon‏ User talk:Ganon‏ Retired
Justac00lguy User talk:Justac00lguy Retired
KogamoSJS‏‎ User talk:KogamoSJS‏‎ Retired
Curmudgeon User talk:Curmudgeon‎ Retired