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Hey there, Odd300. I hope you're having a great day so far! I was wondering if you have a Skype account. A lot of us use Skype's IM service to communicate and discuss things related to ZD Wiki. We have our own group, and we'd be more than happy to add you to it. If you do not have Skype, and would like to download it, it's absolutely cost and virus free. You do not have to participate in Skype calls if you do not want to (we use it to IM chat anyways). If you have an account, could you add me? My skype name is atticus_on_zd. Thanks.

You don't have to if you don't want to, but I think that this is a great way to communicate with other contributors and to share your ideas. Thank you for your excellent contributions, see you around! Atticus 21:57, December 14, 2012 (CST)

Hi, Atticus! So far, it has been a great day. I actually just got a Skype account today. My Skype username is odd300_on_zd. I am going to add you right now. Thanks for what you have been doing around here, and hopefully, I will see you around on Skype and/or the Wiki! Rosa-4Koma-2.png Odd300 Rosa-4Koma-2.png (T|C|Uplds)

Hey Odd300. Thanks for the assistance with the wiki. It helped me figure out the error with the items page as well. I plan on finishing up the Current Projects page as far as OoT is concerned, with any assistance that is provided, of course. Again, thanks for the help!

Hepl me pls

Hey, Odd; It's Draco. I need help with some Wiki functions.

1. How do you add references, Tatl and Navi tabs?

2. I've recently been getting a lot of my edits fixed. Something like removing the names from infoboxes, putting them in, and Changing things like "{{Character" to "{{Infobox|Character". Can you explain why that is?

Also, I know you're a patroller, and have been checking and fixing edits (like mine). Is there anything you think I could fix or improve on? Sorry if I'm asking too much, and thanks.

Hello Draco! Nice to see you at the Wiki! To add Navi, Tatl, Fi, etc. templates, just put {{Tatl}} or other caption templates. If you want to put a caption template for a subject that doesn't have it's own page and is on another page, you can do {{Tat|Ganondorf}} to have the caption come up. To add references from the text dump such as the Ocarina of Time Text Dump, you add {{Ref|game|quoteID|Speaker}} to the sentence you want to cite. If you are referencing from a book, guide, etc., use {{Ref|pg. #|quote|name of book}}. After the Trivia and Gallary Section, but before the categories, you would add {{References}} to make a section for the references. For your second question, the Wiki has recently changed the infoboxes, so the |name isn't needed if it is the same name as the page name. Some |----- have been added/removed due to this change. Furthermore, "{{Infobox|Character" is used as to do the coloring of the infoboxes iirc. When you edit, can you remove some of the |name if it is not needed for the infobox? Other than that, make sure to check the Infobox page to see the changes/parameters for them! :) Odd300 :) 21:37, May 18, 2013 (CDT)


I see how you added infobox before the killer bees template however, since my ability to code is somewhat limited, I guess I don't comprehend how "leader" did not appear when I attempted to added it on the template:group page.Abc2VE 16:41, July 12, 2013 (CDT)

   When you change a template, you have to change the infobox in Template:infobox as well. It is best to mess with the infobox coding in a sandbox before implimenting it, or asking someone who knows 
    what to do to help you with your problem. I will add that into the infobox template. EzikielofHyrule 16:55, July 12, 2013 (CDT)