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The Lightning Temple Walkthrough is a full guide to completing the Lightning Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. It includes a guide for the dungeon, including activating all four batteries, and defeating the dungeon boss, Queen Gibdo. The four batteries can be done in any order.


  • In the first room of the temple, drop a Fan on the ground. Use it to clear the sand that is in the room. In particular, clear the sand in the center of the room and then step on the switch that appears to open the nearby door.
  • Pick up a nearby Torch and light it to make it easier to see. Climb down the steps and walk ahead a series of rooms.
  • Turn to the right and be careful of the false floor that will drop when Link steps on it. Defeat the Gibdos here by using the flames and the torch. Up ahead, Link will find some horizontal flames. Wait for them to settle and then run through. On the other side of the flames, step on the floor switch to allow Riju to catch back up.
  • In the next area there are massive boulders that are flowing down, preventing Link from passing through. Use Recall to cause the boulder to move backward. It's best to use Recall when the boulder is off in the distance. You can use Recall multiple times. Once you get by, step on the switch and head through the opening.
  • Walk down the hallway and defeat the series of Gibdos. In the next room, Link can drop down and use Ultrahand to pull the cover to find a Gerudo Bow. In this room, defeat the Gibdo, and then use a lightning attack to destroy the Gibdo Hive to prevent more from spawning.
  • Continue onward to enter the Room of Hopeful Light. Defeat the Soldier Construct and then pull the Mirror from the sand. Hold the mirror in the light so that it reflects at the orange circle. This will cause it to turn green and open the door.
  • Run up the stairs to arrive at the Room of Ascension, the main chamber of the temple. Run forward and examine the pedestal.

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Battery - 1F - Northeast

  • The first battery is found straight ahead from the podium, behind a door to the northeast. Just to the right of the door, at the east side of the room, Link can use Ultrahand to move the blocks that are here, creating a path for him and Riju to reach the battery.
  • On the other side of the wall, charge a lightning attack and shoot the battery with an Arrow. This will charge the battery and send the charge to the large elevator in the Room of Ascension.

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Battery - 3F - Northwest

  • On the south side of the room, there is a massive wind geyser with a rock that is covering it. Use Ultrahand to pull the rock away, causing the wind to blow way up within the Room of Ascension. Jump and use the Paraglider to get all the way to the 5F.
  • Defeat the nearby Soldier Construct and head to the southeast part of the room. Climb up and enter the Room of Natural Light.
  • There is a large boulder in this room, as well as a pair of mirrors in the wall to the west. Stand the pillar up so it is vertical and then attach a mirror, facing the entranceway. Arrange the mirror and boulder so that light is shining through the opening.
  • Back in the Room of Ascension, use Ultrahand on the statue closest to where the light is coming from. Move it so that light reflects off the statue and shoots it eastward.
  • Now head to the southeast part of the room, and pull the statue here so it is reflecting light. Light will reflect downward, hitting the green target and opening a door.
  • Glide down and head through to the Room of Offered Light. There are four Soldier Constructs in this room, including two that will shoot you from above. There is also a Gibdo Hive here that is spawning enemy Gibdos. Eliminate the hive and defeat the enemies to make this room easier.
  • There are two Hover Stones, where the archers were shooting from. There is also a mirror in this room at the north end, partially covered in sand. Grab the mirror and attach it to one of the Hover Stones.
  • Link can use Ascend to quickly get on top of one of the Hover Stones. The goal here is to use Ultrahand to get the Mirror to the top of the room. If Link attaches it to one of the Hover Stones, he can climb to the other stone, and use Ultrahand to carry the mirror even higher.
  • Use Ascend to get up to the platform at the northwest part of the room. From here, grab the mirror and detach it from anything else. Hold it in the light in the center of the room so that it is facing to the northwest. Move it around until light shines on the green switch, opening the door. Head through and use lightning to activate the battery.

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Battery - 2F - Southeast

  • Once again, use the updraft in the Room of Ascension to get back up to the top of the room. Make your way to the southwest part of the room and move the statue so that light shines all the way to the other side of the room.
  • On the northeast side of the room, we want to move the statue, but there is some sand covering it. Drop a fan and blow away the sand. If you do not have a fan in your inventory, you can backtrack through the dungeon to find fans that you can fuse with a shield.
  • Move the statue so that light reflects off of it. Then head to the northwest side of the room and move this statue as well, causing light to bounce off the mirror and up to the top of the room, opening a passageway.
  • Climb up to the top of the room and then carefully drop down. Use the Paraglider to avoid the flames as you fall. Once you drop down, step on the switch to open the nearby gate. Defeat the Soldier Constructs until Riju rejoins you. Use her lightning attack to activate the battery.

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Battery - 4F - Southwest

  • Ride the wind geyser up and glide to the north side of the room. On the 4th floor, Link will find an orange light coming from a torch in the wall. Land there and walk around the corner to fight a Soldier Construct.
  • Walk past the rotating fans to get to the far room. The two fans are out of sync with one another. Use Recall on one of the fans to rewind it. Cancel Recall when the fan is line with the other fan, so that the opening is consistent between the two fans. The timing is not too strict and it doesn't have to be perfect.
  • Pull the rocks out of the back wall and light will shine through. First, it will hit the block and the gate will open. On the next pass, it will hit the green marker in the distance, opening a passage.
  • Glide to the southwest of the room and here you'll find spiked walls that try to squeeze Link in. Grab one of the boulders and place it in between the spikes. The spikes will claw at it, but Link will be able to pass.
  • In the next area, there are spikes from the ceiling. Grab the boulder from the wall and place it vertically so that it prevents the spikes from falling down to the ground.
  • Run ahead to the Room of Light and Shade and defeat the Soldier Constructs. Then drop down in the cracks in the ground to get to the area below.
  • Grab a Stake with Ultrahand. You want to stick one of the stakes in the wall, to prevent the room from turning. If you look at the wall, there are designs throughout the room. The wall should be stopped from moving so that the designs are visible. The timing is quick, so you'll have to push the stake in the wall and release quickly to get the wall to stop moving.
  • When done correctly, the green wall will be exposed. Use Ultrahand to grab a nearby mirror and shine the light on the green wall, causing light to beam up to the room above.
  • Use Ascend to get back up and grab another nearby mirror. Place this one so it is shining light by the spiked ceiling hallway. If the block is in the way, turn it vertically and make sure it is one on the sides. Light will shine to the green switch, opening the nearby gate. Run over and use lightning on the battery. Riju might have gotten stuck a few rooms back, so just backtrack to find her, charge a lightning strike, and hit the battery.

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