Crisis at Hyrule Castle

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Crisis at Hyrule Castle









Speak to Purah at Lookout Landing


Search Hyrule Castle for Princess Zelda
Activate Skyview Towers
Complete Regional Phenomena
Defeat the group of 10 Phantom Ganons
Complete Find the Fifth Sage & Guidance from Ages Past





Crisis at Hyrule Castle is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom.


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When Link returns to Lookout Landing following the events of The Awakening and his partial recovery on Great Sky Island, he is told about the Upheaval, and tasked by Purah with joining Hoz's search party at the still-grounded outer areas of Hyrule Castle. On reaching Hoz, they see a figure appearing to be the missing Princess Zelda flying into the air. Speaking with Purah back at Lookout Landing after this, she decides to change tack, and recruits Link to use the new Skyview Towers in combination with the Purah Pad to map Hyrule. As this involves launching him high into the air, she also gives him a new paraglider to get back down afterward. With the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower map data successfully taken, she then sends Link to investigate four Regional Phenomena afflicting the Rito, Gorons, Zora and Gerudo.

After Link solves these problems and awakens Tulin, Yunobo, Sidon and Riju as Sages with their distant ancestors' Secret Stones; he goes back to Lookout Landing again. There, he finds everyone in shock over an apparent sighting of Zelda. When he goes to see Purah at the telescope above her rooms, the moon goes red, and the figure of Princess Zelda is clearly visible standing there. Sent to the floating core of Hyrule Castle to investigate this, he hears Zelda's voice calling to him, and is led a chase by visions of the princess, Monster Forces appearing in her wake. (Visit our walkthrough for more details.) When the chase ends in the Sanctum, "Zelda" creates an illusion of the pre-Great Calamity throne room, then mocks him and is revealed to be a puppet of Ganondorf, the Demon King. Ganondorf turns the fake Zelda into a Phantom Ganon, and sets a group of Phantom Ganons at Link.


Completing To the Kingdom of Hyrule will begin this quest immediately.

The quest will be paused while the Regional Phenomena main quest is underway, and will not resume until the other quest is completed.

After the defeat of the Phantom Ganons and the council with Purah and the four Regional Phenomena sages, it is then paused again until Guidance from Ages Past is complete (NB: If Link completes Guidance from Ages Past before the council, both this quest and Find the Fifth Sage will complete immediately at the conclusion of the council.)


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  • The Crisis at Hyrule Castle quest is given to Link after Link arrives at Lookout Landing and speaks with Purah. The quest is part of the larger, Find Princess Zelda quest. Purah believes that Zelda called out to Link from underground and she tasks Link with joining the search to find Zelda.
  • Link must travel to the area just outside Hyrule Castle, where he meets with Captain Hoz on top of the First Gatehouse. Here Link, along with Hoz and Toren, will see Zelda in the distance. However, only after a brief moment, Zelda will float into the air, transform into light, and fly away. This causes the search party to pull back and Hoz encourages Link to inform Purah of what happened.
  • Link can return to Purah and inform her of what happened at Hyrule Castle. She has some ideas, but tells Link that he first needs to upgrade his Purah Pad. She tells Link to visit her at the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower.
  • After arriving at the Skyview Tower, Purah and Josha will activate the Tower, as well as all the Skyview Towers in the Overworld. They then need Link to hold the Purah Pad over the terminal. After doing so, Purah will then ask Link to volunteer to gather the map data. She will then give Link the Paraglider. Link can then examine the floor, which will launch him into the air, where he can scan the map data of the area.
  • After gathering the map data, Purah will then quest Link with investigating phenomena in four regions of Hyrule. This will begin the next Main Quest object, Regional Phenomena.
  • After completing the Regional Phenomena, and completing the Find the Fifth Sage, Link can speak with Purah at the Lookout Landing to complete the Crisis at Hyrule Castle.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Hyrule Castle rose into the air at the start of the Upheaval, which tore apart the earth underneath it.

Purah believes that Princess Zelda may have called out to you from deep in the earth. Join the search for the princess below.
When you joined the search party, you found Princess Zelda-but she transformed into light and disappeared.

Return to Lookout Landing, and report this to Purah and the others.
After you told Purah that Princess Zelda vanished, she asked you to search the regions of Hyrule where the Upheaval is also wreaking havoc. Purah wants to mark those spots on your map, but you'll first need some map data.

Meet Purah at the Skyview Tower to begin this process.
After you told Purah that Princess Zelda vanished, she asked you to search the regions of Hyrule where the Upheaval is also wreaking havoc. Purah wants to mark those spots on your map, but you'll first need some map data. Hold the Purah Pad near the Skyview Tower's terminal to do this.
After you told Purah that Princess Zelda vanished, she asked you to search the regions of Hyrule where the Upheaval is also wreaking havoc. Purah wants to mark those spots on your map, but you'll first need some map data.

Use the Skyview Tower to scan for this data.
You've discovered that a Skyview Tower will launch you high into the sky, where you also scan the nearby terrain from the air. The map data is added to your Purah Pad.

Purah wanted to give you some potential destinations to investigate. Report back to her research lab in Lookout Landing.
Where Princess Zelda is remains a mystery. Purah said you might learn more by looking into the major phenomena that are troubling some regions. She's marked them on your map.

Hyrule Castle remains strangely in the sky, though you saw someone who looked like the princess leave it, vanishing into light.
Princess Zelda suddenly appeared at the floating Hyrule Castle alongside a red moon.

Much is still unclear, but you should go to Hyrule Castle to check things out.
You infiltrated Hyrule Castle and finally arrived at Princess Zelda's location.

But the princess was an impostor—a duplicate created by the mummy. The impostor further warped its appearance and began attacking.
Princess Zelda, who appeared at Hyrule Castle, turned out to be an impostor created by Demon King Ganondorf.

The Demon King isn't yet fully regenerated, so there may still be time. Return to Lookout Landing and talk to Purah.
You told Purah about the impostor princess and how Demon King Ganondorf is trying to rise again.

Hyrule Castle remains a devastated place and continues to float above the ground.
The phenomena at Hyrule Castle and the Upheaval were all due to Demon King Ganondorf, who is trying to destroy the world.

Combine your powers with the five sages and slay the Demon King.