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Arrows are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. They are projectiles shot out of a Bow. In The Legend of Zelda, Link loses one Rupee per arrow shot. In most games, there are Quiver upgrades to hold more arrows.


Throughout the series, there are multiple different varieties of Arrows, including the Fire, Ice, Light, and Silver Arrows.

Fire Arrows

Main article: Fire Arrow

The Fire Arrow is an obtainable item in the first three 3D Zelda games, including Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and The Wind Waker. They also make an appearance in Twilight Princess, however, not as an obtainable item, but rather as a use of attack against Link by Bulblin Archers.

Ice Arrows

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Light Arrow

Main article: Light Arrow

Silver Arrow

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Bomb Arrow

Main article: Bomb Arrow

Bomb Arrows are a combinations of the Bow and Bombs together. They first appeared in Link's Awakening by simply using both items one after another. In Twilight Princess, Link can connect the two weapons at the same time, deliberately shooting Bomb Arrows. They are often used to cause objects to fall down to the floor. In Breath of the Wild, Bomb Arrows are obtainable items from treasure chests, defeated enemies, or items that can be purchased from a store.

Shock Arrow

Main article: Shock Arrow

Shock Arrows appear in Breath of the Wild and when used, will electrify its target, temporarily paralyzing it, and allowing Link to deliver some melee attacks.

Ancient Arrow

Main article: Ancient Arrow

Appearing in Breath of the Wild, Ancient Arrows are rare and expensive arrows that can obliterate most enemies with a single hit, including Lynels and direct shots to the eye of Guardians. However, defeating a Lynel with an Ancient Arrow will prevent Link from being able to acquire any of the spoils.


  1. Multi-Shot Bows Method: Through the use of multi-shot bows like the Savage Lynel Bow, Link can head to the Kara Kara Bazaar and find the Cooking Pot, where he can aim the bow at the pot itself, and shoot at it with arrows that are lit on fire by the pot's fire. The arrows being set on fire count as actual arrows, so from one shot, Link can obtain from 2 to 5 arrows per shot depending on the bow's capacity, but the arrows have to be gathered before the fire consumes them; about three volleys can be shot before the arrows are consumed. Though fast, this method is only as lasting as the durability of the bows used, and may exhaust valuable multi-shot bows for the sake of mere arrows. Apart from that, some multi-shot bows like the Duplex Bow and the Great Eagle Bow are wood-based and susceptible to catching on fire too, which can break them faster if the player doesn't unequip them on time.
  2. Eventide Atoll Method: After clearing the Stranded on Eventide shrine quest, Link can head to the small atoll located east from the island, where there's a chest in the water containing 10 arrows. Upon immediately saving after obtaining the arrows, the player can reload the save state to find that the chest closed and underwater, where an additional 10 arrows will be available. This method allows infinite arrows at no cost, but it takes more time than the bows method, both because of prerequisite the shrine quest and the reloading of save files.
  • Also in Breath of the Wild, arrows are the only weapon-related items in the game that cannot be dropped, while melee weapons, bows and shields can. Plain arrows can be shot at the ground, at fruit or trees, or at hard surfaces to "drop" them, and Bomb Arrows can also be dropped if shot under rainy conditions, but as a whole, all elemental arrows and Ancient Arrows are entirely consumed when shot under most circumstances. Also, all arrow types are irrecoverable if shot at enemies.