Goht's Remains

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Goht's Remains
Model from Majora's Mask 3D




Summon the Four Giants


Goht's Remains are an unwearable Boss Mask from Majora's Mask.

Acquiring Goht's Remains

Goht's Remains are the reward for defeating the Masked Mechanical Monster, Goht. After Link defeats Goht, he will free the innocent Giant that was imprisoned within the mask.[1] Link will then learn that the Giants are protective gods.[2]


When Link reenters the Snowhead Temple, Goht's Remains will allow Link to skip directly to the boss fight with Goht, as a glowing portal will appear at the entrance of the dungeon.[3] However, in Majora's Mask 3D, this is no longer the case. Link does not need to defeat Goht in order to activate this portal. When Link first battles with Goht, the warp portal will be activated and can be used, even if Link falls in battle during his first attempt.


  • There is a Moon Child Inside the Moon who is seen wearing Goht's Remains. Link must talk to him to begin the Goron section of the Moon.
  • Goht's Remains can be seen hanging on the wall of the boss chamber Inside the Moon, when Link is battling Majora's Mask. During the battle, the remains will attack Link with a beam of energy. Link can defeated the remains with almost any weapon.



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