Romani's Mask

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Romani's Mask




Enter the Latte Milk Bar

Romani's Mask is one of the twenty four Masks from Majora's Mask. It is worn like a cap and means that Link is a full member at the Milk Bar establishment.

Obtaining Romani's Mask

After Link helps Cremia keep the Gorman Brothers at bay during their travels from the Ranch to Clock Town, she pays him with Romani's Mask once the two are outside of Clock Town. Link has to simply fire arrows at the brothers as they trail behind the carriage on horseback. Romani's Mask can only be obtained after Link has helped Romani defend the Ranch against Them after which Link is given a Bottle full of Romani Milk as his reward.


The Romani's Mask is used to gain access to the ever-exclusive Latte Milk Bar in East Clock Town. Link is originally not allowed to enter the Milk Bar. Romani's Mask symbolizes that he is indeed a member. Romani's Mask is useful in helping receive the Troupe Leader's Mask, Bottles of expensive Chateau Romani, and one of the six Bottles found in the game.

Meaning Behind the Mask

Romani's Mask is a symbol of maturity and means that the wearer is an adult and has proof of membership to enter the Milk Bar. However, various people make it clear that the term "adult" does not refer to age, but rather maturity. Ironically, among these people are the members of the Bombers.[1][2]




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