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Romani (right) and Cremia from Majora's Mask







Cremia (Sister)
Unnamed Father (Deceased)

Romani is a female character from Majora's Mask. She is the younger sister of Cremia and runs Romani Ranch along with her older sister. Romani is the Terminian counterpart of Malon from Ocarina of Time.


Romani is a young girl about the same age as Link at the time of Majora's Mask. She likes to refer to herself in the third person. She likes to give people she knows nicknames and rarely refers to them by their real names, such as giving Link the nickname "Grasshopper".[1] She spends most of her time preparing to defend Romani Ranch from mysterious beings she simply refers to as "Them".[2] The beings she attempts to protect from the ranch come around the same time as the Carnival of Time every year.[3] Cremia thinks that Romani is just making up stories, but regrets not listening to her if Link fails to defend the ranch.[4][5] If Link talks to Romani while she is practicing her technique, she allows Link to use Epona to practice Horse Archery in a mini-game. If Link succeeds, Romani teaches Link Epona's Song, which she refers to as "Romani's Horse-Calling Song".[6]

After completing the training, Romani asks Link to help her defend Romani Ranch. "They" come at 2 AM on the First Night. If Link succeeds in defending the Ranch, Romani gives Link a Bottle filled with Romani Milk. However, if Link fails, she is captured by the aliens, along with the cows and is not seen until the Final Day, where she fails to remember anything.

If Link succeeds in defending the Ranch, Romani asks Link to live at the ranch and be their bodyguard.[7][8] Link is given the opportunity to agree, though even if he saves Termina from the Moon, he doesn't keep this promise, as he returns to Hyrule.

Though Romani helps deliver Chateau Romani to Clock Town for the Carnival of Time, she has never been and desires to go.[9]


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After unblocking Romani Ranch, Romani will speak of some sort of threat that she suspects will try to kidnap the cattle in the middle of the night. He must protect the cattle until the morning. Using the Bow and Arrows is suggested, as well as the Bunny Hood for increased speed for getting around the barn, as the aliens will be attacking from every side. The "Inverted Song of Time" will slow down "Them" substantially; however, it also means that the flow of time slows, making the encounter several times as long.

Link is given a bottle filled with Romani Milk as his reward for being a "little hero" and saving the cattle from abduction.


  • Keaton, a mysterious fox-like creature who quizzes Link for the opportunity to win a Piece of Heart, asks quite a few questions about Romani. Examples of questions are what time she goes to bed, what time she wakes up, what weapon she uses, and how many balloons she uses to practice.
  • Romani Ranch is actually not named after Romani. Rather, Romani was named after the ranch.[10]
  • Romani wears a medal on her scarf depicting Bowser from Super Mario Bros.



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