Hungry Goron

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Hungry Goron
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The Hungry Goron[1], or Cold Goron, is an unnamed Goron in Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask

The hungry Goron stands on a ledge in Mountain Village in the Snowhead region.[2] He wears Don Gero's Mask and is desperate to eat a bite of Rock Sirloin.[3]

Link must venture to the Goron Shrine where he must light all braziers on fire. Only when that is done and the chandelier begins spinning and several jars will fall to the ground. The Rock Sirloin can be found in one of these. Link must use the Goron Mask to turn into Goron Link to carry the Rock Sirloin to the hungry Goron, then throw it up to him. After eating it ravenously, he comes down and, mistaking Link for Darmani, then gives him Don Gero's Mask as payment for bringing him something to eat, and then rolls away.[4]


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