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Spirit Dancer








Kamaro the spirit dancer is a character in Majora's Mask who was once a talented dancer.[1] He is a Terminian spirit who can be found on one of the mushroom-shaped rocks in northern Termina Field from midnight to 6 a.m performing his mysterious dance because of his enjoyment of moonlight.[1] When he passed away in Termina Field, he was filled with regret because he wanted to make his dance predominantly known.[2][3][4] After Link plays the Song of Healing to Kamaro, he will count on Link making his dance become popular, and will then bestow his mask upon Link and move on.[5][6][7] Link can later perform Kamaro's dance to the Rosa Sisters, and after Link performs the dance to them, they will give Link a Piece of Heart and thus decide to perform the dance at the Carnival of Time.



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