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Kamaro key art from Majora's Mask 3D


Spirit Dancer


Hylian (Ghost)








Kamaro the spirit dancer is a character in Majora's Mask, who was once a talented dancer in life.[1]

Majora's Mask

Kamaro is a Terminian spirit who can be found on one of the mushroom-shaped rocks in northern Termina Field from midnight to 6 a.m performing his mysterious dance because of his enjoyment of moonlight.[1] He speaks completely in verse, but after every cryptic line of his dialogue follows a translation.

When he passed away in Termina Field, he was filled with regret because he wanted to make his dance well-known.[2][3][4]

Like many of the lost spirits in the game, Kamaro can he healed with the Song of Healing. After Link plays the song, Kamaro tells Link that he must spread Kamaro's dance across the world, teaching all Kamaro's posthumous moves. Or, in the words of the game's translations, 'Make it into a popular dance craze!'.[5][6] He will then bestow Kamaro's Mask upon him and move on in a burst of flame.[7]

Link can later perform Kamaro's dance to the Rosa Sisters, after which they will decide to perform it at the Carnival of Time, helping to spread it as Kamaro wanted; giving Link a Piece of Heart in recompense.

Kamaro's entry into the Bombers' Notebook describes him as charismatic, and a lover of moonlight. Healing Kamaro's soul is the only activity required to complete his section of the notebook.



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