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Imprisoned Monkey






The Imprisoned Monkey is a character who appears in Majora's Mask. He is found tied up in the Deku Palace being falsely accused by the Deku King of kidnapping the Princess. He begs and pleads with the Deku people to go and help the Princess who is being held at Woodfall Temple before it is too late, but they ignore him. It isn't until after some of his brothers ask Link after they see him help Koume by telling him about their brother's plight.

Link reaches the Monkey by sneaking around the palace guards that are in the garden surrounding the palace. Once Link goes and talks to the Monkey and learns that he went with the Princess to try and discover the reason for the swamp's poisoned water and that the Princess was then taken by the boss of the temple during their search. Link is convinced that he is innocent and Link shall learn the Sonata of Awakening from him. The King, the Butler, and the guards overhear the tune being played on Link's instrument which instantly makes the Monkey look more guilty since the song he taught Link is one that the Deku only knew. Due to this, the King commences the Monkey's punishment by lowering him repeatedly into a pot of boiling water while the guards and the king dance.

The Monkey is later freed by the orders of the Princess when she is rescued and returned to the palace via Link's bottle. He forgives the King for his hastiness and is grateful to Link for helping the Princess. At the end of the game during the credits, he is found standing with the Deku Royal Family and their guards in the Deku Palace.