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Gabora is a character from Majora's Mask. He is found in the Mountain Smithy, which lies in the Mountain Village of Snowhead. Gabora is one half of the blacksmiths within the Smithy, where he seems to serve the owner Zubora. Gabora seems to be the forger while his counterpart Zubora simply runs the shop and handles the customers who choose to enter. It is unknown just what exactly Zubora is, but he seems to be large golem of sorts, who wields a giant hammer.


Within the events of the game, Link first comes across the giant golem while exploring the Snowhead region. Upon talking to the blacksmiths, Gabora's counterpart, Zubora, says to Link that he cannot forge his sword due to the hearth being frozen over.[1][2] Link must obtain Hot Spring Water, which can be found within the confines of the Goron Graveyard. Once Link has filled a Bottle with Spring Water, he must pour the contents over the ice, allowing the hearth to be used once again.[3] Alternatively, Link can also use Fire Arrows to melt the ice. With the hearth now functioning properly, Gabora, is able to forge Link's sword into the Razor Sword.[4]

Link can further reforge his sword, but he is first told by Zubora that he must obtain Gold Dust.[5] Link must gain access to the Goron Racetrack. After finishing first in the race, Link is then gifted with Gold Dust by the Goron Elder's Son. Returning to the Mountain Smithy and showing the Gold Dust allows Link's sword to be further forged. Gabora then further reforges Link's sword into the Gilded Sword, which won't break unlike the previous forge.[6]




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