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Artwork of Kafei from Majora's Mask








Mayor Dotour (Father)
Madame Aroma (Mother)
Anju (Fiancée)

Kafei is a character in Majora's Mask. He lives in Clock Town. He is the son of Mayor Dotour and Madame Aroma, and the fiancé of Anju, the inn-keeper at the Stock Pot Inn.


Originally a young man, Kafei had an encounter with the Skull Kid and was turned into a child by the dark power of Majora's Mask. Later on, when he attempted to seek aid from the Great Fairy within North Clock Town, he ran into Sakon the Thief and was robbed of his invaluable wedding mask. He and Anju had made plans to exchange the masks of the sun and the moon, but with Kafei's Sun's Mask stolen, he could no longer proceed with the ceremony as was originally planned and went into hiding. Once Link retrieves Kafei's Mask from Madame Aroma, he begins the side quest to help Kafei reunite with Anju, as Kafei's mother more or less hired Link to investigate her son's disappearance.

Side Quest

Wearing this Mask that was modeled based on Kafei's appearance, Link must roam Clock Town getting any intel he can, and eventually speak with Anju on the matter. Seeing that Link was trying to help find her missing fiancé, she asks him to meet her in the Kitchen at night when no one is around. Once Link has done so, she entrusts him with a letter that she requests he deliver to Kafei as it would likely help locate him. Link must deposit the letter in the nearest Postbox in order for the Postman to receive it. He then delivers it to a small boy wearing a Keaton Mask that currently resides near the Laundry Pool. Link must follow him and eventually come face-to-face with the small boy. He reveals himself to be Kafei and explains how Anju wrote about Link in the letter. At this point, Kafei explains all that happened to him and gives Link his Pendant as a response to Anju's letter. Upon delivering this to Anju, she decides to stick by her post and wait for Kafei, while everyone else has left to take refuge at Romani Ranch.

Later, when Link returns to Kafei's place of residence on the final day, the Curiosity Shop owner is there to greet him instead. It turns out Kafei was good friends with this man. He lets his troubled friend take refuge in the shop's Back Room. Here, Kafei was able to peer through the eye holes of a suit of armor on display in the shop in order to see who came by. Hoping to see Sakon come by the shop, Kafei was planning on following the thief back to his hideout where his mask was likely stowed away, and eventually managed to do so during the final day. The Curiosity Shop owner explains all this to Link and gives him the Keaton Mask that Kafei had left behind. Afterwards, Link continues this quest by going to Ikana Canyon, where Kafei was planning on invading Sakon's base to retrieve his mask. Upon arriving, Kafei is happy to see Link there to help him out. The two storm the hideout and, after a series of events, Link successfully helps Kafei regain his lost mask, but with time ticking away fast, the both of them must rush back to Clock Town if they are to carry out the reunion between the two lovers. Playing the Song of Soaring helps Link get there in time. Upon heading to the Stock Pot Inn, Link witnesses Kafei and Anju lovingly embrace each other and was rewarded with the Couple's Mask for helping them keep their promises.



  1. "Kafei? I can recall when he was in the Bombers. Don't see his face much anymore, though...Well, what could he be doing?" — Professor Shikashi, Majora's Mask.
  2. "I wonder if Kafei is really at Cremia's place..." — Anju, Majora's Mask.
  3. "Soooo, doesn't Kafei want to break off his engagement to Anju? Why not let him? That's what he wants... Some people..." — Mayor's Residence Receptionist, Majora's Mask.