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Town Shooting Gallery Manager
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The Town Shooting Gallery Manager is a character from Majora's Mask. He is the manager of the Town Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town. Within the gallery he runs a shooting Mini-Game. The Manager himself is of a Hylian descent and in appearance, he is rather heavy built, much like the other Shooting Gallery owners. The gallery manager seems to be the Terminian counterpart of the owner of the Shooting Gallery in Hyrule Castle Town from Ocarina of Time.


Link first meets this character while exploring the thriving area of Clock Town, however, he is unable to take part in the Mini-Game due to him not having a Bow.[1] Link can obtain the Hero's Bow within the depths of the treacherous Woodfall Temple. After doing so, he can return to the manager and in turn, he allows Link to play for a cost of 20 Rupees. [2]

Before Link starts the Mini-Game, the heavy built manager quickly explains the rules to the young hero, in which he must hit the red Octoroks while avoiding the blue ones.[3] For every strike on a red Octorok, Link earns a point while he is deducted a point for striking a blue one. If Link manages to beat the record, within the boundaries of 40-49, then he is rewarded by the Shooting Gallery Manager with a Quiver upgrade.[4] If Link manages to get a perfect score of 50, then the manager acknowledges this achievement and rewards him with a Piece of Heart.[5]



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