Town Shooting Gallery

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The Town Shooting Gallery is a location from Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask

The Town Shooting Gallery is one of two shooting galleries in Termina, the other being the Swamp Shooting Gallery. It is run by the Town Shooting Gallery Manager and lies in East Clock Town.


The mini-game costs 20 Rupees.[1] It requires the use of the Hero's Bow, which is obtained in the Woodfall Temple. The manager quickly explains the rules to Link, in which he must shoot the red Octoroks while avoiding the blue ones. Hitting a red Octorok earns Link one point, however, hitting a blue one causes a deduction of one point.[2] The Octoroks pop up in specific formations and only stay up for a limited amount of time. The game gets harder for Link as he progresses, as more Octoroks pop up and the formations become more complex.

To earn a prize, Link must earn at least 40 points. Earning between 40 and 49, thus breaking the record, rewards Link with a Quiver upgrade.[3] If Link has already obtained the Quiver upgrade, he will be rewarded with a Purple Rupee instead. If Link manages to get a perfect score of 50, he will be gifted with a Piece of Heart.[4]



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