Clock Town Bank

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Clock Town Bank
Clock Town Bank 2 - MM64.png
The Bank from Majora's Mask (N64)



Majora's Mask
West Clock Town
Majora's Mask 3D
South Clock Town




The Clock Town Bank is the main banking establishment of Termina. It is found in West Clock Town, opposite the Trading Post, in Majora's Mask; and in South Clock Town, within the back wall of the Clock Tower, in Majora's Mask 3D.

Since Link normally loses all his items when he plays the Song of Time, he can use the Bank to store his Rupees. By talking to the Banker, Link is stamped with a mark[1] which apparently persists through time cycles, so that the Banker knows how many rupees he has deposited, even in prior cycles. As such, Link can deposit Rupees so that when he returns to the Dawn of the First Day, he can collect them and start off with some Rupees.

If Link stores 200 Rupees in the Bank, he is rewarded with the Adult Wallet. During the evening, a fee of 4 Rupees is charged for withdrawals. If Link stores 1,000 Rupees in the Bank, the Banker rewards him with a Blue Rupee. If Link stores a whopping 5,000 Rupees in the Bank, the Banker rewards him with a Piece of Heart.



  1. "Got it...I won't forget your deposits. Let me stamp you with my special ink. Hey, relax! It doesn't leave any marks, and it's not gonna hurt. There! Now I'll know you when I see you!" — Banker, Majora's Mask.