Road to Southern Swamp

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The Road to Southern Swamp is a small location in Majora's Mask connecting Termina Field and the Southern Swamp. The area itself lies to the south of Termina Field and north of Woodfall. This location is very small as well as linear, only containing two distinct paths. One path leads straight to the Southern Swamp while the second leads to the Swamp Shooting Gallery[1][2] and Swamp Fishing Hole. The Road to Southern Swamp is fairly deserted and it only contains one feature which is an old and withered tree in the center. Many common enemies appear in this area such as Green ChuChus, Bad Bats and Wolfos.


When Link returns to his Hylian form, he is able to leave Clock Town and explore Termina Field. While exploring the southern region, Link notices a small drawing of Skull Kid near the entrance. Tatl mentions that the Skull Kid used to be nice, but the evil power within the Majora's Mask has changed him.[3][4][5][6] Upon entering, Link has to travel straight through the area to reach the Southern Swamp. Link can use the Deku Mask here to shoot down Tingle and purchase the map for Woodfall.

After Link obtains the Hero's Bow from Woodfall Temple, he can return to this area to visit the Swamp Shooting Gallery, where he can take part in the mini-game. Link can obtain a Large Quiver as well as a Piece of Heart providing he gets meets or exceeds the required amount of points. Link can also visit the Swamp Fishing Hole located to the left of the Shooting Gallery in Majora's Mask 3D. There is also another Piece of Heart located at the top of the withered tree. Link can climb the vines to reach the top, however, he must first shoot down the Bad Bat that blocks the accent.




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