Spring Water Cave

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Spring Water Cave
Spring Water Cave Entrance.jpg




The Spring Water Cave is a location found in Majora's Mask. It is situated towards northernmost section of Ikana Canyon. The cave used to supply the canyon with water, however, the cave has recently dried up, leaving the Music Box House without a source of power. Within the cave there lies the cursed Poe conductor, Sharp, who attempts to kill any living beings who enter.


Link first comes upon this location while trying to navigate his way through the undead beings within Ikana Canyon. When the young hero enters the cave, Sharp appears and asks why Link enters the land where the dead roam.[1] Sharp then goes on to play the "melody of darkness" in attempt to kill the young hero.[2]

Link must gain access to Beneath the Graveyard on the night of the first day. Inside he finds the brother of Sharp, Flat.[3] The ghostly composer tells Link that his brother was cursed as he sold his soul to the devil.[4] He then tells the young hero to cleanse his brother's soul, in which he teaches Link the Song of Storms.[5] If Link plays the Song of Storms within the cave, the evil heaving inside Sharp cleanses and the curse set upon him lifts.[6] Subsequently, this also causes the cave to fill up with Spring Water, which supplies the canyon with water once again. The water powers the speakers atop of the Music Box House, which then start to play a song named "Farewell to Gibdos". This song causes the roaming Gibdos to sink into the ground, leaving the canyon free from the undead.



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