Cucco Shack

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Cucco Shack

The Cucco Shack is a location featured in Majora's Mask. This specific location is situated within the northern section of Romani Ranch. The shack is home to the mysterious figure named Grog, as well as his Cucco chicks. The shack has a specific opening and closing time, meaning Link is only able to enter between the times of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.


Link first encounters this area while exploring Romani Ranch. While heading towards the northernmost section, he comes upon the entrance of the Cucco Shack. Link walks in and sees Grog, who wants to see his little chicks grow up to become Cuccos before the Moon is scheduled to fall. Link dons the Bremen Mask, as this allows him to round up the chicks. Link must march around the grounds collecting all ten Cucco chicks. As he marches near a chick, they form a formal line behind the hero. One by one, each chick grows in to a full grown Cucco. With Grog's final request now complete, he thanks Link and rewards him with the Bunny Hood.