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Gorman Track
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The Gorman Track is a location featured in Majora's Mask. The track is found to the southwest of Termina Field on Milk Road. The track houses the mischievous Gorman Brothers. The two brothers sell Milk here for the expensive price of 50 Rupees. They also run a Mini-Game, which involves Link racing the two brothers. This location is pivotal in Link reaching Ikana Canyon.


Link first encounters this area while heading through Milk Road. However, the young hero is snubbed by the two brothers as he doesn't have a horse to take part in the race.[1] Link must first head to Romani Ranch and retrieve Epona, who was previously stolen by the menacing Skull Kid.[2] Now with his trusty steed, Link can take part in the Horse Race, but he first must pay the brothers 10 Rupees.[3] Link's objective is simple: he must cross the finish line before the Gorman Brothers. However, the track is scattered with a number of obstacles that Link must dodge in order to efficiently traverse the track. After the young hero wins the race, the two brothers reluctantly hand over the Garo's Mask.

Link comes across this track again after he has helped Romani protect the ranch from "them". Now that the ranch is peaceful, Link can speak to the owner and Romani's older sister, Cremia. Cremia tells the young hero that she's planning on delivering Milk to Clock Town.[4] Link decides to accompany Cremia and they set off in the wagon. However, the road that Cremia usually takes appears to be blocked, so instead they must travel through the Gorman Track.[5] The brothers seem to be angry that the pair are invading their land, so they attempt to ambush the wagon. Link must wield his trusty Bow and fend off the two brothers.[6] The pair eventually escape and continue their journey to Clock Town.

Fraternal Milk

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In Majora's Mask 3D, Link must bring Mystery Milk from the Gorman Bros. to the Troupe Leader Gorman in the Stock Pot Inn on the Second Day.



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