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The Swamp Shooting Gallery is a location that appears Majora's Mask. It is situated in the Woodfall region to the southernmost part of Termina. More specifically, the Shooting Gallery is located on the Road to Southern Swamp. Link can only play the mini-game once he has obtained the Hero's Bow. Link can acquire the Bow from the Woodfall Temple, and after defeating Odolwa, Link can return to the Shooting Gallery.

Mini Game

This mini-game costs 20 Rupees and it involves the sole use of the Bow.[1][2] This specific Shooting Gallery differs from the ones seen in the rest of the game and the ones seen in Ocarina of Time, as it involves Link having to hit rounds of multiple moving enemies.

There are three sets of enemies that Link has to shoot; the Deku Scrubs pop in simultaneously as well as a few scrubs off into the distance, the Guays fly in certain formations and occasionally a Wolfos runs by. To get rewarded with the Large Quiver, Link must gather 2,120 points from the mini-game, which is effectively earned from striking all the enemies.[3] [4][5] However, if completed before the time limit, Link can earn extra points for each second left over. The normal Deku Scubs are worth 30 points while the Guays are worth 50 points. Striking the long distance Deku Scubs and the Wolfos earn Link 100 points. If Link repeats the challenge after his first completion, he can obtain a Piece of Heart, providing he gets a score of 2,180 or over.



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