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Ikana Canyon, a large part of the region



Points of


Ikana is the fourth and final region in Majora's Mask. The region itself is situated to the eastern section of Termina. The region once used to be a thriving civilization, the great Kingdom of Ikana, but is now home primarily to undead entities and dry, barren locations. Ikana Canyon is the main feature within the region. This area is also home to the cursed Stone Tower Temple.

Entering Ikana

After acquiring the Garo's Mask, Link must ride Epona to the easternmost section of Termina Field. Link must use Epona to hurdle the fences that block the entrance to the region. Link eventually comes to a split in the road that forks to the left and right. Toward the middle is a strange undead figure sitting atop a cliff, known as the Poe Collector. If Link dons the Garo's Mask, he is able to talk with the being and once done so, he reveals a small tree beside him that Link can Hookshot up to. Continuing down the path leads Link to Ikana Canyon.


Ikana Canyon

Main article: Ikana Canyon

This is the main area within the region of Ikana and it once used to be the center of the great Kingdom of Ikana. However, the large civilization diminished over time and because of this, the area has become somewhat of a barren wasteland, full of ghostly beings and the undead. Link can obtain the Gibdo Mask here after playing the Song of Healing to Pamela's father.

Ikana Graveyard

Main article: Ikana Graveyard

This eery and mysterious Graveyard is vastly similar to the Kakariko Village Graveyard seen in Ocarina of Time. Like the Kakariko Village Graveyard, the odd gravekeeper Dampé patrols the area. Link can obtain the Captain's Hat here as well as learn the Song of Storms hidden Beneath the Graveyard.

Spring Water Cave

Main article: Spring Water Cave

Within this cave, Link encounters a powerful Poe named Sharp, who sold his soul to the devil. The cave has recently dried up, thus stopping the flow of the river. After learning the Song of Storms beneath the graveyard, Link can play the song within the cave. The song manages to cleanse the evil within Sharp and the dry cave fills with water once again. Be warned however, being in the cave prior to setting Sharp's soul to rest will have Sharp rapidly drain Link's health. The inability to play the Song of Storms in time will cause a swift game over.

Sakon's Hideout

Main article: Sakon's Hideout

This location is home to Sakon the Thief. In the Anju and Kafei sidequest, Link and Kafei find themselves faced with the challenge of retrieving the Sun's Mask from within the hideout. The place is booby-trapped and the mask is placed on a conveyor belt that leads to a near-bottomless hole. Link must team up with Kafei in order to retrieve the mask.

Music Box House

Main article: Music Box House

This location is home to the young girl, Pamela, and her father, who has partly been transformed into a Gibdo. Link must sneak into this house and find Pamela's Father hidden in a closet. Once Link plays the Song of Healing in front of him, the curse will be broken, transferred into a Gibdo Mask.

Beneath the Well

Main article: Beneath the Well

This mini-dungeon is a vast maze that contains many rooms, each guarded by a Gibdo. Link must utilize the Gibdo Mask to speak to the undead beings. In order for Link to gain entry, the Gibdos require a specific item. Deep within the mini-dungeon lies a Treasure Chest containing the Mirror Shield. This item is needed for Link to successfully pass through Ikana Castle.

Ancient Castle of Ikana

Main article: Ancient Castle of Ikana

The Ancient Castle of Ikana is a mini-dungeon at the top of Ikana Canyon. It is situated close to the Stone Tower, as the tall structure can be seen from the castle entrance. Link must explore Beneath the Well before entering the fortress to obtain the Mirror Shield. After navigating through the castle, Link comes upon the mini-boss of the Ancient Castle, Igos du Ikana. Once defeated, he teaches Link the Elegy of Emptiness.

Stone Tower

Main article: Stone Tower

This is the largest known structure within Termina and consists of three separate towers. Within the grounds of Stone Tower lies a steep accent via several moving stone blocks. In order to traverse up the tower, Link must use the recently learned Elegy of Emptiness to manipulate the stone blocks and navigate to the summit where the Stone Tower Temple lies.

Stone Tower Temple

Main article: Stone Tower Temple

This is the fourth dungeon that lies within Termina and it is also the largest. Within this Temple, Link can defeat the Garo Master and obtain the all-powerful Light Arrows. When returning to the outside of the Temple, Link can shoot the sun symbol, therefore flipping the entire structure upside down. Dwelling deep within the dungeons depths is the Giant Masked Insect: Twinmold. Link must equip the Giant's Mask and defeat the beast thus saving the fourth and final Giant.

Secret Shrine

Main article: Secret Shrine

This location is rather hidden within Ikana Canyon and can only be accessed once Link has obtained the Light Arrows. Link must face a series of mini-bosses, each coming from their respective dungeons. Once Link has defeated all four, a Treasure Chest appears within the center of the Shrine containing a Piece of Heart.