Goron Shrine

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Goron Shrine

The Goron Shrine is a location in Majora's Mask in the Snowhead region of Termina. It is located at the center of the Goron Village and only members of the race are allowed to enter. The Goron Shrine is a place of residence and prayer for Gorons. It is also a location in which the Gorons take shelter from the harsh winter. This is the prime place where the Goron Elder and his Son reside.

Goron Lullaby

Main article: Goron Lullaby

Inside, Link can hear the wailing of the Goron Elder's Son.[1] The Gorons are fretting about him and don't know what to do.[2] The Goron Elder has ventured off to try to lift the curse of snow from Snowhead like the hero Darmani, who died in the attempt, so he cannot quell his son's tears.[3][4][5] The Elder can be found in a frozen snow boulder in the Mountain Village area, and if Link pours Hot Spring Water on him, the ice thaws the snow boulder and the Goron Elder is now freed. Link then informs the Goron Elder about his son, and he teaches Link the first part of the "Goron Lullaby" to calm the son down.[6]

Once Link successfully plays the song to the Elder's Son in the Shrine, the young Goron remembers the Lullaby and teaches Link the remaining part. Once Link plays the full Lullaby, the crying ceases, and the Elder's Son now falls asleep as do the remainder of the Gorons within the Shrine. [7][8]

Don Gero's Mask

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When in the Shrine, Link finds multiple torches that aren't lit. Link must light all the braziers on fire in order to turn the chandelier. When that is done, the chandelier begins spinning and the Goron Mask can be used to break the pots in the chandelier. The Rock Sirloin can be found in one of these, which Goron Link must carry to the hungry Goron in the Mountain Village.[9] As a thank you, the hungry Goron gives Link Don Gero's Mask.[10]

Goron Shop

Main article: Goron Shop

Within the confines of the Goron Shrine is a shop where Link can buy Red Potions, Arrows and Bombs. Once spring comes to Termina, bombs are less expensive than anywhere else in the world. Prices are much cheaper in the springtime as the spirits of the Gorons are lifted and the flow of business resumes normally.[11]



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