Rock Sirloin

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The Rock Sirloin is a Goron foodstuff mentioned in Ocarina of Time and obtained in Majora's Mask.

Ocarina of Time

An unnamed, hungry Goron wishes he could "eat the top sirloin rocks" from the blocked-off Dodongo's Cavern.[1]

Majora's Mask

A rock sirloin, hidden by a Goron in case of bad times[2] can be found by venturing to the Goron Shrine, where Link finds multiple torches that aren't lit. He must light all the braziers on fire in order to turn the chandelier. Only when that is done and the chandelier begins spinning and several jars and pots will fall to the ground. The Rock Sirloin can be found in one of these, and Link must use the Goron Mask to turn into Goron Link to carry the Rock Sirloin to the hungry Goron to obtain Don Gero's Mask.


  1. "Sigh... I want to eat the top sirloin rocks from the Dodongo's Cavern!" — Goron, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "Was the Elder's son crying because he was hungry? There's nothing we can do. It's gotten so cold in the mountains... we just can't seem to get our hands on any of our food... At this rate, everyone will go hungry and die. But I have an emergency supply of food hidden away, so I'll be fine... It's a good thing I hid some food before it got cold. ...But it's a secret." — Goron, Majora's Mask.