14.1 Light Arrows

~ Legends of the Triforce ~

As soon as you have saved all six sages, you’ll see a vision from Rauru, telling you to go to the Temple of Time to meet a certain someone… Mysterious! Use the Prelude of Light to get there.

Temple of Time As soon as you enter, a cinema will begin in which Sheik makes a final appearance. She reiterates the fact that all six sages are gathered and that all that’s left is to confront Ganondorf. With that, she launches into another tale of the Triforce…

Shiek goes on to explain that when Ganondorf entered the Sacred Realm and attained the Triforce, the legend came true, breaking the Triforce into three parts. Only the Triforce of Power remained with Ganondorf, while the other two found hosts who believed most in their like forces.

Our very own hero, Link, became the holder of the Triforce of Courage. The Triforce of Wisdom went to Sheik! Otherwise known as…

GASP! She was Princess Zelda all along! After apologizing for the disguise, Zelda tells you that, back when she and Impa were escaping Hyrule Castle, it seemed the best thing to do was give the Ocarina of Time to you. Unfortunately, by allowing you to open the door of time, you did exactly what Ganondorf wanted. The Master Sword sealed you away for seven years, and since that time, Ganondorf became the King of Evil.

She’s just downright excited now because you guys can finally beat up the bad guy, explaining that with the help of the Sages, they can seal him away once and for all. To help you in this daring feat, she gives you the mystical Light Arrow. Nice!

Earthquake!!! Abruptly, Zelda is encased in a crystal shield of sorts (another familiar thing from the rest of the Zelda series). Ganondorf’s ominous… text… suddenly begins rambling about how awesome he is, especially since he’s found (and caught) the princess. As a last jest, he taunts you to come see him at his castle.

Before we go charging in, there’s a few final things for us to accomplish…

14.2 The Last Skulltula

~ 100th Skulltula ~

Zora’s Fountain Head to Zora’s Fountain, and in the far corner (where the Fairy Fountain is) there’s a lone silver boulder all by itself, just begging to be lifted. Do so to reveal a hidden hole!

Fall in, and use your Lens of Truth to see the invisible Skulltulas that line the ceiling. At the end of this path, climb up the ladder of sorts.

At the top, kill the Skulltula and you’ll find the last Gold Skulltula (night only) waiting peacefully for you on the left wall. Snag the token and head for Kakariko Village!

~ The Prize! ~

Kakariko Village Check your status screen (with the Medallions and songs on it) and if it has all 100 Skulltula tokens on it, enter the spooky Skulltula House. Speak with the guy in the middle and he’ll thank you as well as offer reassurance that they’ll try not to get cursed again. Good man.

And the mystical prize for all of this!!!!!….. Is a measly 200 Rupees. One of the stupidest prizes in video game history! Completely worthless… I hope you feel satisfied to know you did it though…

Anyway, you can enter this house over and over again to get the prize multiple times for infinite cash.

14.3 Gerudo Training Grounds

~ Preparing To Train ~

From the Temple of Time, ride Epona all the way to the Gerudo Fortress. Now that you have the Gerudo Membership Card, you can speak with the Gerudo women around here. One of the white clad women is standing in front of a barred entrance (the only one in the area).

For 10 Rupees, you can enter the Gerudo Training Ground, which is a series of rooms filled with puzzles in order to get keys. The items you need to get all the keys are listed below:

Fairy Bow – Forest Temple
Megaton Hammer – Fire Temple
Longshot – Water Temple
Lens of Truth – Within The Well
Hover Boots – Shadow Temple
Silver Gauntlets – Spirit Temple

You need all the items to get all 9 keys within the dungeon. Now, it’s possible to get the final prize and just get 7 keys, (meaning, you can get away with having all but one of the items,) you just have to know what you’re doing (or get lucky). I suggest only tackling this after you have all the items though…

~ Gerudo Training Grounds ~


As soon as you enter, you can turn around and shoot the golden eye switch directly above the entrance. This makes two small chests appear (so there are two total in this room). One has a Blue Rupee, worth 5, and the other has a bundle of arrows.

There are three doors in this room. The one right across from the entry will take us to the locked doors (and the prize) so we’ll do that one last. This entire dungeon just loops around, so you can start by going either left or right. Personally, I think left is easier.

Sandy Stalfos Room

In this room, you have one minute to kill both the Stalfos. They’re easily defeated, especially if you have the Biggoron Sword. As long as you keep moving, the sand shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Once they’re both dead, snag the Small Key [1] from the chest and go through the door.

Timed Silver Rupee Room

This room contains a Wallmaster in the middle, a rolling boulder on either side, and several invisible flaming walls. You only have a minute and a half to get all five Silver Rupees. I suggest ignoring the Wallmaster.

First of all, run forward and take a left. Peak around the corner (right) and wait for the boulder to pass by (while watching out for the Wallmaster). Once it passes, quickly turn left to get the first Rupee (1). Head right and duck into the side crevices to avoid the boulder, and at the top, snag the Rupee (2).

Go to the middle corridor (which doesn’t have flames and is higher up) and turn right. Jump off the ledge to get the next Rupee (3).

Now, head through this middle corridor on the right side and wait for the boulder again. Head clockwise around the corner to grab another Rupee (4).

At long last, use your Longshot on the target straight ahead on the ceiling to fall into the final Rupee (5).

The timer stops and the next door opens. Go all the way up and towards the door, but watch out for the flames that block the way. Longshot to the target on the ceiling, then go through the door.

Wolfos & Like Like Rooms

This area is a little tricky. First of all, run forward and kill the two Wolfos and White Wolfos. Next, use the Lens of Truth to see a hidden area above the Fake Door. Longshot to the target up there and step on the switch. This opens up both of the sealed doors below.

Jump back down and use the Gauntlets to push the giant Silver Block all the way into the hole. Enter the now unsealed door.

In this small room, kill the three Like Likes to make two additional chests appear. The original on the platform is a trap, the other two (that appeared) are fake, but there’s an invisible one (use the Lens of Truth) in the last sandy hole that has a Small Key [2].

Return to the previous room, Longshot back up to the hidden area and enter the door.

Eye Statue Room

There’s a barred door on this top level we can’t use yet, but wait! Before you jump down, stand next to the barred door and you’ll see that Navi turns green. Play the Scarecrow’s Song while facing her to make Pierre appear. Now we have easy access back up. Jump down.

On the outer platform, which begins spinning. Face the statue in the middle and aim carefully. Shoot each eye once with an arrow (and don’t miss) to make a small chest appear next to them.

Longshot to the small chest to get a Small Key [3]. Longshot to the target near the entrance of this area to get out.

Now, the barred door up top is now open. To get back up there, you can either fall in the lava, or face the barred door (making Navi will fly up there and turn green) and play the Scarecrow’s Song to make Pierre appear.

Longshot to him and go through the door. Inside, you find a small chest containing another hidden Small Key [4].

Go back, jump down, and enter the other door.

Flaming Enemy Room

Kill the two Fire Keese and Fire Slugs to make the door open and a small chest appear (containing worthless stuff). Next, use the Megaton Hammer to smash the statues to reveal various goodies. In the northeast (top right) corner of the room, there’s a statue thing that’s hiding a switch in a hole.

Step on the switch and quickly grab the Small Key [5] from the chest in the middle before the fire comes back. Enter the next door (if you’re trying to go back the other way, you have to find the gold eye switch, which will open up the door to the statue room).

Lava Room

There are five Silver Rupees in this room (which open the east door). First, go forward a little bit, turn around and Longshot the target directly above you to get the first Rupee (1).

Jump down to the platform in front of you (2).

At this point, I suggest equipping the Hover Boots. Use them to go to the next (middle) platform. Navi turns green straight ahead. Play the Song of Time to make two Time Blocks appear. Float over to them and climb all the way up to find a Small Key [6]. Don’t go through this entrance, though.

Jump/Fall off to the side of the platform where a single switch is dying to be stepped on. This causes the fire on the platform across the room to go out.

Using the Hover Boots, float along the obvious platform path, gathering Silver Rupees as you go (3 & 4). Run to the final platform to snag the last Rupee (5).

Quickly run back to the middle of the room before the fire starts up. (It’ll knock you into the lava and you might have to start over again!) Enter the east door.

Water Room

Play the Song of Time to remove the Time Blocks, then equip the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic. Sink down and avoid the Blade Trap in the middle of the floor. Wander around, killing the four Shell Blades with your Longshot.

The first Silver Rupee is simply in the middle, around the Blade Trap (1).

The next two are along the west wall. Stand in line of sight with the target, the Silver Rupee between you. You should go right through it (2) and land onto the next one (3).

Do the same thing to get the one on the east wall (4), then take off the Iron Boots and float to the roof of this room, where the last one (5) awaits you.

Lava Room Float across to the door on the left (south).

Dinalfos Room

In this room, we have a Beamos and two Dinalfos. I suggest immediately throwing a Bomb at the Beamos so it’s out of the way.

These Dinalfos are exactly like the Lizalfos… The only difference I can tell is that they don’t wait for you (take turns) if you Z target one of them like most other enemies. Running and quickly slashing them up is the easiest way to defeat them.

As soon as they’re dead, the barred door opens and a chest appears containing a Small Key [8].


In the center of this room is an area where Navi turns green. Play the Song of Storms to make a red fairy appear (you could probably use it at this point). At long last, enter the center room with all the locked doors.

Room of Locks

You should have eight total keys at this point. If you entered from the lava room, you’ll need a total of 9 keys, but if you enter from the entrance room, you only need 7. But, where is the 9th key? Once you’re in the southern most area, enter the door on the left.

Before venturing onward, use the Lens of Truth and look at the ceiling directly to your left. There’s a hole that you can climb up the grating to get to a secret room with the final key [9].

Climb back down and go through all of the remaining doors (on the left side) to eventually wind up in the center and claim the prize: the Ice Arrows.

There are several other small chests along the way, but none are interesting. When you’re done playing around, exit the mini-dungeon.

14.4 Ganon's Castle

~ The Showdown! ~

We’re finally read for the big showdown. I suggest filling your bottles with two fairies and two Blue Potions from the Magic Hag’s Shop. Teleport to the Temple of Time and make your way to Ganon’s Castle.

Ganon’s Castle Area Approach the obvious path that would lead to the castle if there was one, which will start a short movie where Rauru speaks telepathically to you. He explains that there are “six evil barriers” inside that need to be taken care of before they the sages can help you defeat Ganondorf.

Ooo, shiny! They all create a fancy bridge of light for you to walk on (so cool looking). Once you’re ready, enter the evil lair.

~ Within Ganon’s Castle ~

Entrance As soon as you enter, run down the steps and straight up to the door, ignoring the Beamos entirely. Enter the door.

Main Room

Welcome to the main room of the castle (that was quick). The center tower that leads upwards is surrounded by a magical shield that will hurt you if you approach it. Naturally, the different colored energy beams that feed it represent each of the six elements in the game. It doesn’t really matter which element you tackle first, but we need to destroy the barrier for all of them before we can proceed to the tower.

Before we tackle that though, I want to mention there’s a secret “shop” in here where you can stock up on arrows, shields, fairies and the like. It’s hidden in this main room, directly below the bridge leading to the tower in the wall. Use the Lens of Truth to see through the illusion and you’ll find a small room with several Business Scrubs and fairies. Good to know.

~ Shadow Barrier ~

Main Room We can tackle any room first, but I suggest doing Shadow (purple). You’ll see why in a moment.

Shadow Cavern As soon as you start, shoot a Fire Arrow at the unlit torch on the lone platform on your right. This causes icy blocks to temporarily appear. Run along them (avoiding the Green Bubble) until you get to the far platform. Be very careful with the Like Like, cause it can spit you into the pit and you’ll have to start the room over again.

Once it’s dead, shoot the unlit torch on either side of the room to make the blocks appear again. Jump to the next platform. Shoot the torch on this side of the room (unless the timer is still going) and jump along the blocks on the right side down to the switch, which makes a large chest appear on the big platform. Use your Longshot on it to quickly get back up. Open the chest to find the Golden Gauntlets. This is why we went the Shadow route first.

Now, use your Lens of Truth to see an invisible path leading to a rusty switch. Work your way over there and smash the switch with the Megaton Hammer, opening the next door. Use your Longshot on the unlit torch (or go the long way around using the Lens of Truth to take the invisible path in the middle) and go through the door.

Shadow Barrier In this final room, smack the jars if you need arrows or magic, then shoot a Light Arrow at the golden sphere. This destroys the magical barrier blocking the Sage of Shadow (Impa) from using her powers. She’ll then teleport you back to the main room.

~ The Last Great Fairy ~

Before we venture on, there’s something special we can do with our new found Gauntlets. Exit Ganon’s Castle entirely, and in this area, go all the way left to a very large, silver obelisk (tall object with a pyramid shaped top). Go up to it and press A. Link will grab it and heave it over his shoulders, tossing it and making it lodge itself in the hillside. Wish I could do that… Enter the last Great Fairy Fountain.

Inside, play Zelda’s Lullaby as always to make the Great Fairy of Courage appear. She gives you the best upgrade of the game: defense. This’ll make the final stretch a little easier, hmm? Go back into the castle.

~ Forest Barrier ~

Main Room Once again, it doesn’t matter which order you do the barriers in, I just did Shadow first to get the upgrade. I like to do them in the order of the temples. That being said, next up’s the Forest Barrier (green).

Torch Room As soon as you enter, you’ll be confronted by a Wolfos. Nothing to fret over. Once he’s taken care of, we’ll have to light all the torches in the room. There are four in the center and one above the door. Use Din’s Fire and/or Fire Arrows to light them all.

Silver Rupee & Fan Room This room is fairly tricky. Be careful not to fall into any of the pits, or you’ll have to start all over again. First off, equip the Hover Boots, as they’ll be helpful for the entire room. Next, play the Song of Time while facing the Rupee directly on your left.

Wait until the fan is blowing, then step into it getting the first Rupee in the process (1). You’ll land on a platform in the middle on the left side. Throw a Bomb at the Beamos in the center to kill it. Run over to the small platform with the switch on it, landing atop it. Turn around and Longshot to the target on the platform we were just on, collecting the second (and most confusing) Rupee (2).

Use the center pillar to get to the other side of the room (3), then head towards the barred door (4). Climb up and wait till the fan on your right stops blowing, then snag the final Rupee (5). Go through the door.

Forest Barrier Smack the jars to refill some magic, then shoot a Light Arrow at the barrier just like before, allowing the Sage of Forest (Saria) to use her powers. Shooooosh!

~ Fire Barrier ~

Main Room The Fire Barrier (red) is next on the list. We’ll have to equip the Goron Tunic for this one.

Lava Room This is one of the most frustrating rooms, because you can easily fall in the lava and have to start the room over again. Most of the platforms in this room (including the main, zig-zagging one in the center) sink in the lava when you stand on them.

I’m not sure if it’s in all of the versions of Ocarina of Time or just some of them, but when you wear the Hover Boots, the center platform does not sink! Use this to your advantage if it works for you, since it can make this room MUCH easier!

Jump to the middle platform, then onto the square block on the right to get the first Rupee (1). Quickly jump back on and go around to the opposing platform (which doesn’t sink). Try to jump up between the sweeps of fire, climb up and circle around the backside (2).

Jump back onto the middle platform (ignore the Red Bubbles) and work your way to the far end of the left side of the room where there’s another sinking block that has a recovery heart on it. Jump to this one, then onto the skinny platform (safer that way). Climb up and use the Golden Gauntlets (that we got from the Shadow Barrier) to toss the giant silver obelisk. Snag the Rupee that was underneath (3).

Jump down and onto the center platform, then run across the way and climb onto the solid platform. Kill the Torch Slug real quick, then snag the next Rupee (4). Now use the silver obelisk we tossed in the lava as a bridge to get to the final Rupee resting on a sinking block (5).

Quickly run back to the corner platform which doesn’t sink. Now get ready. We can’t Longshot from here or the other corner, so we’ll have to jump onto the middle platform and quickly Longshot the target. This is actually pretty easy, you just have to be mentally prepared (and very careful to avoid the Red Bubbles that jump out at you). Once you manage it, go through the door.

Fire Barrier Grab the goodies in the jars and shoot the barrier with a Light Arrow to unleash the fury of the Fire Sage (Darunia). Back to start… Do not collect 200 rupees… =P

~ Water Barrier ~

Main Room The Water Barrier (blue) is one of the two on the lower level, so it should be easy to find.

Blue Fire Cavern Watch out for the stalactites hanging from the ceiling in this room. Run forward to make two Freezards appear. These particular ones will move across the room before blowing their icy breath at you, so take advantage of that to slaughter each while they’re sliding across the floor.

Once both are dead, the door opens. Slash the stalagmites and snag a bottle of Blue Fire. Use it on the Red Ice barrier blocking the door, then go snag some more Blue Fire! We’ll need it up ahead.

There’s two small chests in here as well… The right one is a recovery heart, the left is a frost trap…

Ice Block Cavern In this room, we have to move ice blocks in order to get to the upper ledge. First of all, move the block farthest from the door towards the giant snowball, then into the hole.

Now move the block closest to the door you came from to the snowball (also on this side), to the other, and finally to towards the ledge.

Climb up and use the Blue Fire to melt the Red Ice barrier, then use the Megaton Hammer to smash the rusty switch. Go through the door before you run out of time.

Water Barrier Slash the jars and shoot the golden orb with a Light Arrow. The Sage of Water (Ruto) salutes you alike all the other Sages and zips you back to the main room.

~ Spirit Barrier ~

Main Room Next up is the Spirit Barrier (orange).

Armos Room In this first room, use Bombs to kill the Beamos. Use the Longshot to get the Silver Rupee in mid-air, then just pull back the Armos statues to sneak in and get the Rupees nearest the wall. Once you get them all, go through the next door.

Bombchu Puzzle First, kill the two Torch Slugs in here. Now we have a little puzzle: We have to hit the switch on the far side of the room, but we can’t shoot arrows through the slits in the bars (Why the heck not?!) If you use a Spin Attack to hit the closest crystal switch, a small chest appears containing Bombchus. *nudge, nudge*

Face the crystal switch that’s far off, aligning yourself with the hole above the bars, then whip out a Bombchu. Waiting about two… glows…? Works the best… Go through the now open door, once you make it of course. =)

Sunlight Barrier Run left and you’ll find yourself surrounded by Sun Faces, except, no sun! Look up and you’ll see there’s a cobweb blocking the light. Use a Fire Arrow to burn it away.

With that out of the way, reflect light with your new Mirror Shield on the Sun Face in the corner closest to where you just came from. The others are all traps of Wallmasters. Go through the door.

Spirit Barrier You know the drill: collect the goodies in the jars and shoot a Light Arrow at the sphere to unleash the power of the Sage of Spirit (Nabooru).

~ Light Barrier ~

Main Room At long last, the final barrier is blocked by a giant silver obelisk. You should already have the Golden Gauntlets at this point, so run up to it and toss it behind you. Nifty.

Trap Room In this room, immediately whip out your Lens of Truth. Shoot the Skulltula in the center of the room with your Hookshot or Fairy Bow to kill it instantly. Next, without moving, try to shoot the three invisible Keese that are also in the room.

Once they’re all dead, a small chest appears in the room containing a Small Key. I suggest ignoring the other chests, half of them are ice traps. If you really must though, the ones that contain goodies are the same ones that the Keese were sitting on…

Lullaby Room This room is pathetic. Simply play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to make a small chest appear containing the Small Key. Enter the door.

Rolling Boulder Room Now it gets a little tricky… This small, circular room has two rolling boulders in it that constantly get in the way. There’s two holes on the left and right sides of the room containing Silver Rupees (1+2). The platform in the middle has three cubbies in which reside two more (3+4) and the final Silver Rupee is above the center platform (5), simply stand in the middle and use the Longshot.

The most important thing about this room is to not get hit by the boulders. Reason being because they start out both going clockwise around the room, as soon as you hit one though… They both bounce off each other making this deadly cycle that can make this room 3x as hard. Once you manage it, head through the door.

Light Barrier This room is… Empty? Use the Lens of Truth to see the wall where the barrier would be is fake. Run through into the TRUE barrier room. Smash the jars and shoot a Light Arrow at the sphere to release the Sage of Light (Rauru).

~ Ascending The Tower ~

Main Room Once all six barriers are down, the shield surrounding the central pillar dissipates. Before we head on through, I suggest stocking up on Blue Potion and Fairies. Let’s head on in, shall we?

Run on through this first hallway, ignoring the Fire Keese.

Dinalfos Room As the name of the room would suggest, we have to kill the two Dinalfos before the door will open. They should be easy for you at this point, just remember that these particular enemies fight you both at the same time, regardless of Z targeting (unlike the following room for example).

Enter the door and go up the lonely stairs.

Stalfos-Boss Key Room In this room, we have two Stalfos we have to defeat. If you’re not quick enough, the other will jump back up. The best way to defeat them is to get close while holding up your shield, (which makes them lower their guard,) and stab them quickly. Once they’re both defeated, open the chest that appears for the Boss Key.

Another set of stairs… There’s faint organ music in the background…

Iron Knuckle Room This room has two Iron Knuckles, a black and white one. They only come to life if you smack them, so I suggest only taking one at a time. If you have the Biggoron Sword, use that, as it will make this battle much faster.

Yet another set of stairs, which leads to the Boss Door. The organ is getting louder… Head on through.

Boss Room This room has lots of jars containing Arrows and Magic. It’s actually part of the boss room, so try not to smash all of them; I know it’s tempting. 😉

Enter the next door and head up the stairs. The music is very clear and loud now… Okay, THIS is the final door.

~ Gathering of the Triforce ~

As you enter the final room, you’ll see Ganondorf was the one playing the organ all along while Zelda is still trapped in her crystal prison. Both of your Triforce parts resonate in your hands (healing you) and Ganondorf begins his bad guy ramblings (which is actually quite little compared to most games).

As a final act of plain meanness, he sends evil waves at you that prevents Navi from getting close (translation: you can’t Z target for this entire battle).

I hope you brought some fairies, you may need them for this battle.

King of Evil, Ganondorf

As soon as the battle begins, run away! He slams the ground with his first attack, getting rid of the blocks closest to the center platform. This battle reminds me of the “Don’t Break The Ice” game, except he’s trying to break it. All of his attacks have the potential to remove some of the blocks in the room, making it harder to get to the center. Ganondorf will only use his punching attack when you’re on the center platform. It has quite the range, so don’t linger too long on his platform.

Ganondorf’s three attacks:

The King of Evil’s primary attack is to toss an energy orb at you, which does four full hearts of damage! You can simply avoid it or use the Mirror Shield to block it, but you have to smack it with your sword to toss it back, playing ping pong, just like the Phantom boss of the Forest Temple. Once you manage to hit him with it, he’ll be stunned for a moment…

His last attack is to raise his hands in the air and collect this nasty, puke-colored green or black swirlies (depending on the version of the game you’re playing) that he shoots out in the form of lightning balls that zig-zag towards you. Your shield is no good against this attack, but it can be avoided by running at the last second. However, you can shoot him with a Light Arrow while he’s charging up, or simply charge a Spin Attack and release it to reflect the energy orbs back at him!

Three chances to stun him:

Once you’ve used any of those methods listed above, he’ll be constricted by it, giving you a chance to shoot him with a Light Arrow, which causes him to fall to the platform defenseless.

Three ways to get to the platform:

Regardless of the method, smack him up until he begins getting up, then quickly run away! You can use the Hover Boots for this entire fight, which actually gives you less to think about, but simply jumping gives you the chance to do a Jump Attack in mid air, dealing double damage when you land. Since two of his attacks kill the blocks, it may be smart to stay in the corners if your methods lead to him missing a lot (removing blocks).

That’s pretty much all there is to this battle. It’s fairly difficult in that it’s odd to get used to, but like all the bosses, once you get the hang of it, they can be defeated quickly. Using the Biggoron’s Sword will make this process much faster. Remember: if at any time you start running low on Magic or Arrows, jump down into the lower portion of the room (he won’t attack you down here) and smash the jars for goodies. Climb back up and quickly jump to the side.

For veterans, there’s a trick to stand in the center and being prepared to fall back onto the climbable part of the center platform, avoiding Ganondorf’s attacks, as well as being close by every time you have a chance to stun him. Doing it this way allows Ganondorf to be defeated within thirty seconds, easily.

Once he’s been defeated, you’ll witness a short scene in which Ganondorf will voice his astonishment, then cough up either blood or throw up, depending on the version of the game you’re playing. The original game used “red” while for later versions (as well as the Master Quest) it was changed to green, I assume because it was deemed too violent for younger players. He’ll then scream and glow, causing the whole room to fall apart.

~ Escaping Ganon’s Tower ~

You’ll appear on the roof with a defeated dark wizard and the princess, who is released from her crystal prison. She comments on his stupidity for a moment before the tower begins to… crumble! Quickly follow Zelda down the ramp and through the door she opens.

Boss Room Quickly turn left (she’s right next to you) and follow her to the next barred door.

Back outside, jump across the gap and follow her down. For this last part though, try to jump to the side of her when you cross, otherwise you might hit her in the back (she’ll stop to wait for you in mid air) making you fall through the hole and have to start all over again.

Iron Knuckle Room Back inside, avoid the flaming rocks in the middle of the room and follow her to the next door. Follow her down the narrow path to the next door.

Stalfos Room Approach the girl twice and flames will surround her. Oh no! The two Stalfos from earlier will reappear, and once again, if you don’t defeat them quick enough, the other will come back. After they’re both gone, Zelda leaves behind some Recovery Hearts for you.

Back outside, jump off the ledge (again, careful to stay close) and go through the door she opens.

Dinalfos Room Follow Zelda as she zig-zags through this flaming room. Now, flaming rocks are falling from the ceiling, so it’s important to zig-zag around yourself to avoid being hit by them. Go through the door and down the steps. Annoyingly, Zelda will pause every time you are hurt.

Main Room Ignore the ReDead on this bridge and just continue on through. This leads to a final set of stairs, also covered in flaming rocks (as well as ones that fall from the ceiling). Once you get to the exit, you’re out for good. Enjoy the cool scene in which the tower sinks into itself. You’d think with all that rubble flying everywhere, they’d kinda get hit or squished…

~ Sealing The Beast ~

In what remains of the ruins, just Zelda, Link and Navi are left, grinning away at the devastation. Suddenly a loud sound like something falling will resound throughout the empty place… After you regain control of the hero, go investigate. As soon as you get close to the pile of stuff, another scene begins. Fire surrounds the area and Ganondorf flies out of the ruins, rasping hard as he uses the Triforce of Power to transform himself into a hideous pig monster with a pot belly. Oh no’s!!!!


As soon as you start the battle, Ganon will smack the Master Sword out of your grasp and outside the barrier. Why doesn’t Zelda just toss it back? Anyway, we’ll have to make due until then… This boss is actually very simple and can be defeated with most of your other weapons and items, so that’s a good thing. His only attack is to slash you with his sword, which can easily be dodged or rolled to avoid.

It becomes obvious very quickly that Ganon’s weak point is his brightly colored tail, which can be smacked with anything to hurt him. It’s getting to his backside that’s the problem. There are two methods to do this… The first is to stun him (by hitting his face):

5 Ways To Stun Him:

1. Deku Nut (shortest stun)
2. Longshot (short stun)
3. Jump Attack (hard and dangerous)
4. Din’s Fire (long stun)
5. Light Arrow (longest stun)

The Jump Attack method is by far the hardest to pull off, especially without taking loads of damage – don’t do it that way. These other ones can all be done, then a few quick side jumps with A while targeting will get you a view behind him, allowing you to quickly use a Deku Nut, Longshot, Arrow, Megaton Hammer or Sword attack on his tail.

While Navi doesn’t have any useful information to speak of for this battle, her Z targeting is very user friendly and intelligent. If he’s facing you, it’ll automatically target his face, but if he’s turned to you, it’ll target his tail, meaning you can shoot his tail with an Arrow for example if you’re far enough to one side or behind him…

Attacking The Tail Directly – Rolling: The other method is to attack his tail directly, usually using your sword (or Megaton Hammer). He turns pretty quickly though, so the best way to get behind him (assuming you don’t stun him) is to simply roll.

Both of those methods (ranged vs rolling) work well. Surprisingly, for a last boss, he has a lot of weaknesses. If you begin running low on stuff, you can lure him to attack any of the “ruins” nearby. Each drop a separate item: fairies, magic jars, bombs and arrows. Also, using Nayru’s Love for this battle might not be a bad idea if you’re having trouble with it.

4 Best Methods In My Opinion:

1. Roll – Turn around – Sword/Hammer/Nuts
2. Light Arrows – Side jump (A) – Sword/Hammer/Nuts
3. Deku Nuts – Side jump (A) – Sword/Hammer/Nuts
4. Longshot – Side jump (A) – Longshot

Suffice to say, after a good ten hits or so, Ganon will fall to the ground, temporarily dropping the fiery barrier. Quickly run and get the Master Sword before he gets back up. Return to finish him off, though, this time he’ll be a little faster. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and after another ten hits or so, he’ll fall down once again.

Once you finally manage to knock him down, Zelda will stun him for a bit. Quickly equip the Master Sword and slash it at Ganon’s head, then sit back and enjoy the show…

14.5 Credits

WARNING: SPOILERS! After the final strike, Ganon will stand up and slash around. Zelda quickly summons a ball of light and calls upon the Sages to seal the evil beast. You’ll witness a cool scene in which they all glow for each of the elements, then form a vacuum of light… Oooo…

Ganondorf then floats in the Sacred Realm, vowing that one day he’ll get out and slaughter everyone. Anyone sensing an upcoming game or eleven?

At long last, it’s just Zelda and Link. She explains that she never intended to “open the door” for Ganondorf to get into the Sacred Realm, or to bring you along for this wild adventure.

In order to set things right, you have to give her the Ocarina of Time back and put the Master Sword back in the pedestal of time… Aww, this seems so sad…

From here on out, it’s simply credits and several scenes of the happiness across Hyrule. You’re a hero, dude. At long last, it’ll show Link leaving the Master Sword in the Pedestal of Time, followed by a short scene in which Link and Zelda meet again in the royal garden to warn them about Ganondorf before he entered the Sacred Realm. Ahh, time paradoxes. Just love ’em, don’t ya? Congratulations, you beat the game!