Website Summary

Zelda Dungeon is part of Dungeon Gaming Enterprises, a limited liability company based out of Illinois. The website was founded on August 19th, 2001 and Mases Hagopian serves as Manager of Dungeon Gaming Enterprises. Rod Lloyd currently serves as the site’s Editor-in-Chief, with Judy Calder as the Managing Editor. Zelda Dungeon is an all encompassing Legend of Zelda website, providing strategy guides for each game, daily news and editorial content related to the series, a wiki encyclopedia with over 15,000 articles, and a community message board with over 1.3 million posts.

Social Media Reach – As of May 18th, 2024

Website Analytics – Estimated Totals

  • 3,000,000 Page Impressions Per Month
  • 50,000-80,000 Daily Unique Visitors
  • Traffic spikes near release of Zelda titles, and especially immediately upon release due to users looking for guides. Most recent release in May 2023.
  • During non-release periods, seasonal spike in traffic of about 15% from June-August.
  • Just over 80% of users visit Zelda Dungeon on Tablet and Mobile devices. The website is designed with a responsive layout, with three distinct designs for users on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.
  • Over 76% of website viewers are males with 55% of the audience being between the ages of 18-34.

Zelda Dungeon is managed by Mases Hagopian as a full-time position. There are over 70 volunteer contributors to the various portions of the website that keep things running on a day to day basis. Some work, including website maintenance, design, specialty articles, or custom artwork is contracted out to various independent contractors.