Maze Island

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This article is about the region in Phantom Hourglass. For the large zone home to the Maze Island Palace in The Adventure of Link, see Maze Island (The Adventure of Link).

In Phantom Hourglass, Maze Island is an uncharted island located in the Northeast Quadrant. It is not marked on the Sea Chart until Link comes close enough to see it, and then docks there. It is located just northeast of the mountain ring that surrounds the Cobble Kingdom island, Isle of Ruins.

There are three levels, the rewards being a Wisdom Gem, Treasure Chart and Heart Container respectively. To play, Link has to run around the maze that covers the whole island, hitting all the Gossip Stones within a time limit. The beginners maze has 4 Gossip Stones, where as the Normal and Expert modes have 8 and 14, respectively. Even after hitting all of the Gossip Stones, Link will still need to make it over to the treasure chest in time to claim his award.

There is also a loose Wisdom Gem in a chest that can be collected during any of the stages, by bombing a wall near the east side of the island. There are also three Big Green Rupees, that Link can dig up near the northeast (west over pool from the peg), northwest (near pegs used to slingshot Link), and southeast (near bottom corner) corner of the island.

After completing the Maze on Expert mode, you will also be given a reward of a Big Gold Rupee, which is worth 300 rupees. Your name is also permanently engraved on the stone tablet by the dock. Lastly, you are able to play the game at Maze Island, free of charge from this point forward.