Dee Ess Island

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Dee Ess Island
Dee Ess Island.png




Dee Ess Island is one of the many islands featured in Phantom Hourglass. This item is specifically located in the southeast quadrant in the World of the Ocean King.


Dee Ess Island, as its name implies, highly resembles the shape of a Nintendo DS. The island is home to a famous mini-game known as the Goron Game. The island includes a control pad, A, B, X, and Y buttons, and even a top and bottom screen. It even includes small holes that act like the speakers on the actual console. In addition to that, the dock has a similar resemblance to the DS stylus.


A Gossip Stone will inform Link that there is something valuable and rewarding underneath of the island's menu button. If Link goes there and proceeds to use his shovel, he will uncover a Courage Gem. He can also obtain yet another Courage Gem by making his way to the northern part of the island and defeating the Hinox that reside there. Link can also uncover several Rupees, as well as hives, and even rope.