Goron Game

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Goron Game

The Goron Game is a mini-game that can be played in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It can be found on Dee Ess Island and can be played for 50 Rupees.


The Goron Game allows Link to control Gongoron in a racing-style game. Once Link has cleared the Ice Temple, he will receive a message from Gongoron via the Postman. Gongoron tells Link that he has left Goron Island and gotten a job as a part-time worker on Dee Ess Island. Link can go to the island and pay 50 Rupees to play the game.

During the game, Link plays as Gongoron, rolling around Dee Ess Island. Along the track are crystals that must be broken to complete the race. If Link finishes within the time limit, he will receive Ship Parts, Treasures, or Rupees, with the top prize being a Bombchu Bag. The initial time limit is 35 seconds, but after the first race the time limit will be the time that Gongoron finished the previous race in.