Walkthrough:Wind Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Wind Temple Walkthrough is a full guide to completing the Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. It includes a guide for the dungeon, including finding all five locks, and defeating the dungeon boss. The five Locks can be done in any order.

Lock - 1F - East Side

  • On the main floor of the boat, a lock can be seen on the map just to the east, behind a gate. The control for the gate can be seen right next to it, but the lever is broken.
  • Nearby on the ground there is a massive icicle. Grab it with Ultrahand and attach it to the control so it works like a lever.
  • Turn the lever and the nearby gate will open up. Run ahead and use Tulin to activate the propeller.

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Lock - 1F - South Central

  • Fall off the the boat at the west side, right at the center of the boat. Link can use the Paraglider to glide in from the open window, arriving at Wind Temple B1.
  • From there, Link can head south to find a gap. Use Tulin's Power of Wind to gust Link across the gap.
  • Defeat the Soldier Construct found here and then use the Ascend ability to get the upper part of this room.
  • Run around the corner and you'll find a gear on the ceiling with a bar hanging down from it. Nearby on the floor, there are a couple of platforms. Use Ultrahand to grab one and attach it to the bar. Then stand underneath the device and use Ultrahand to spin the platform around. While the gear is spinning, the nearby door opens, but as soon as it stops, the door will close. Spin it around a few times and then release. Use Recall on the gear to keep it moving and then climb up the ladder.
  • Climb the ladder and defeat the Soldier Construct. Use Tulin to blow a gust of air into the propeller, causing the gear to turn.

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Lock - B1 - North Central

  • At the top of the dungeon, use the large wind geyser to fly as high as possible. From there glide over to land on the very top of the boat, at the north end of the map.
  • Use Ultrahand to open up the doors found here.
  • Carefully drop down below, avoiding all the of the lasers along the way. At any point Link can use the Paraglider to glide back up. Once Link drops below the lowest laser, head through the opening at the north side of the map.
  • Use Tulin to activate the propeller.

Video Walkthrough

Lock - B1 - Center

  • Fall off the southeast part of the boat, and use the Paraglider to glide towards the window. Use a weapon to break the icicles that block the way and then head inside.
  • Head north and use Recall on the massive gear found here. Ride the gear to get to the other side.
  • Walk around the corner and defeat the Soldier Construct. Look at the wall and you'll find one gear here is turning, but the other is not. A rod connecting the two is missing.
  • Look towards the ceiling in this room, closer to the wall, and you'll find some icicles. Shoot an arrow at one of the large ones, and it will fall to the ground.
  • Grab the icicle with Ultrahand and carry it to the gears. Attach it on either side, as long as it's hitting both gears. It needs to be in close so its hitting two sides of the 'plus sign' on the right. If placed correctly, it will cause the gear on the right to begin turning. Head through the opening and have Tulin activate the propeller.

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Lock - B2 - Center

  • Fall off the boat to the southeast and land on the lowest wing of the boat that is flapping. From there, Link can look underneath the boat and he'll be able to see the last lock.
  • Jump and use Tulin's Power of Wind to glide over to the lock. Defeat the Soldier Construct here and activate the portal.
  • To get back up to the top of the boat, Link glide across the gap here as the door in this room is now open. From there he can climb up some steps to get to more familiar areas of the dungeon.

Video Walkthrough

Boss Fight (Colgera)

Next up is a boss fight with Colgera.