Tulin's Power of Wind

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Tulin's Power of Wind
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How to Perform

Call Tulin or his avatar with A when in proximity

Used by

Tulin's avatar


Summons a horizontal stream of wind


"When Tulin's aura is charged, he can create a stream of wind that blows straight forward. This can be used for bursts of speed while paragliding."

— In-Game Description

Tulin's Power of Wind is an ability of Tulin from Tears of the Kingdom; which was previously presaged in the Age of Calamity Expansion Pass.

Age of Calamity

Tulin travels back in time with Teba, but became separated from his father and had to be rescued by him and Revali. Inspired by Revali's Gale, he attempts his own version, shouting "Tulin's Tornado", but only manages a brief burst before falling back to the ground.

Tears of the Kingdom

Tulin storms off from a fight with his father, convinced that he can investigate the source of the strange snowstorm battering Hebra and Rito Village. Soon after, while searching for news of Princess Zelda at the Hebra Trailhead Lodge, Harth tells Link that Tulin may be able to help him, as his "wind-gust technique is something to see. None of the rest of us can pull it off. Even stern Teba acknowledges that Tulin's skill is a cut above. The kid does preen about it more than he should, but..."

After following him for a while, Link catches up with Tulin on the Hebra South Summit, where an Aerocuda has stolen the young Rito warrior's Swallow Bow. When Link offers to help retrieve the bow, Tulin tells him he "can blow a strong gust of wind" anywhere he feels like, and offers to use it to help Link glide over to where the Aerocuda was. Using it, they successfully retrieve Tulin's bow and defeat a group of monsters.

Harth then appears and, seeing Tulin has matured from the experience and learned to accept allies, tells him that they need to investigate the cloud; and he is the only Rito alive capable of making it into the heart of the storm, as only he has "the skill and training to create gusts at will". Working with Link and using his power of wind, the two manage to get into the Wind Temple and defeat Colgera, ending the blizzard. With the Temple cleared, Tulin inherits a Secret Stone from his distant ancestor - the ancient Rito Sage of Wind - making himself the new Sage of Wind. From this point on, Tulin can create a remote avatar and, after making the Vow of Tulin, Sage of Wind, has the avatar tied to a ring on Link's right pinky, accompanying Link permanently. This allows the Hylian Champion to call upon Tulin's Power of Wind anytime.

This ability will create a stream of wind that can be sent in any straight forward direction. By pulling out the Paraglider, Link can use this stream to fly faster in that direction and reach areas that cannot be climbed to or are across large gaps.