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Colgera Intro.jpg
Colgera from Tears of the Kingdom


Scourge of the Wind Temple
Scourge of the Depths
War in the Depths of Hyrule








Wind Temple
Beneath Hyrule Castle (if not defeated in the Wind Temple)


Heart Container (Wind Temple)
Colgera Jaw (subsequent encounters)
Huge Crystallized Charge (in the Depths)


Difficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gif


1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1-4 Heart.png Armor Shards
1 Heart.png1-2 Heart.png Charge
1 Heart.png1-2 Heart.png Tornadoes


Weapons Used


600 HP (all encounters)

Colgera is a boss in Tears of the Kingdom. It was released by The Demon King to seal the Sage of Wind's power and cast a great Blizzard over Rito Village from the Stormwind Ark.

Tears of the Kingdom

Colgera was unleashed by the Demon King after he awakened and caused the Upheaval. Its great influence over the wind and cold caused a great blizzard to encase the Stormwind Ark, a ship rumored to have been a children's tale, as explained by Tulin. It would then serve as the Boss of the Wind Temple when Link arrived with Tulin to free the Rito Village from the snowstorms.

Once the beast was slain, the blizzard finally dissipates and the snow melts away from the area, allowing the Rito to find more caves and trade with the rest of Hyrule once again.

Colgera is also posted in the Depths of Hyrule, being one of many monsters defending the Demon King's location. Link must fight if he did not fight the Colgera in the Wind Temple, but if he did, then Tulin will deal with it for him, allowing Link to skip this fight.

Once it has been defeated in the Hyrule overworld, Colgera can be repeatedly encountered in the Depths in specific arenas, where upon defeat it will drop a Colgera Jaw.


Phase 1

The battle starts in the air, with Link slowly falling back to the ark as Colgera snakes and coils below. Don't worry about stamina as it instantly restores every time you stop using your Paraglider.

Colgera is an armored flying snake whose thick spiked carapace makes it impossible to damage it from above. The trick to eliminating him is by breaking the thinner frozen ice, protecting his vulnerable parts. This can come in two methods; first, by letting Colgera shake off its armored spikes and hurtle them at Link, dodging and weaving, until Link is close enough. Alternatively, Link can try to get below Colgera and try to shoot the weak points from their exposed underside, though this can be difficult due to gravity pulling the arrows down before they can hit.

If Link waits for the topside to become vulnerable after Colgera fires the spikes at you, it should be fairly easy to break that weak point. One arrow is needed to break the ice, while a second will break the weak point, but a multishot bow will do both in one go. An arrow fused with something hot or fiery (Fire Fruit, Bomb Flower etc.) will do both in one go, and only one shot is needed this way. If you want better accuracy, get in range and use homing fuses on your arrows (Keese Eyeball). Alternatively, or if you're out of ammunition, Link can dive toward the weak point and body-slam it; he will bounce off the ice, but if he bounces back onto the weak point, it'll break. Just be careful about any damage Link could sustain by doing so.

However, there's no real need to wait for Colgera to expose the top side of the weak points. The bottom sides are always exposed, and only require enough firepower to break the ice and hit the weak point. However, the main problem in shooting from below is that gravity will cause the arrows to fall short, requiring either Link to get *really* close or to simply use range-extending fuses (Keese Wing, Gibdo Wing etc.) to allow Link to snipe it from further down.

If you somehow manage to fight Colgera in the Depths of Hyrule Castle without the paraglider as a result of trying to go the final boss early (this can be possible such as through fall-damage cancel or using fairies to tank the otherwise fatal falls on the way there), you will be forced to use alternate methods to gain enough height as to be able to shoot Colgera. One solution is to pack Rocket-fused shields, though you will only have so many attempts to shoot Colgera this way, limited by how many you can carry. Alternatively, you'll have to whip up an airplane on the spot. Have neither option available and this is a softlock.

Phase 2

Enraged, Colgera will warp out of reality and then return with renewed parts. The monster will create a series of cyclones to directly damage Link. Tulin will warn Link to swerve around them while battling Colgera. The battle remains the same otherwise; wait until you get a chance to shoot at Colgera's vulnerable parts and then attack. Once all three are destroyed, Colgera will be defeated and the Wind Temple will be free from its grip.

Link will be placed in the air after the cutscene that starts the second phase. If Link skipped the paraglider and also ran himself out of ways to gain enough height, then this will be his ONLY chance to kill Colgera, requiring he destroy all three of Colgera's weak points from below in a single attempt or he will be softlocked.

Video Demonstration

Video Demonstration