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Teba (Father)
Saki (Mother)
Revali (Ancestor)[1]

Tulin is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Tulin is the son of Teba and Saki and can be seen with his mother at the top of Rito Village in the hut next to the village elder, Kaneli. Tulin will greet Link very politely when he first talks to him, stating that his dad always told him that great kids are great greeters.[2][3] He mentions that his Dad is over at the Flight Range and that his dad has agreed to play with him later.[4] Tulin wants to travel to the Flight Range to play, as he loves the feeling of Flying with the wind beneath his wings.[5]


  1. The Four Champions are moving to support the descendant units! - N/A
  2. Good day! - Tulin
  3. "Great kids are great greeters." That's what my dad always says! Oh, listen to this! Dad promised he'd play with me later! - Tulin
  4. That place over there with the flag is the Flight Range! I hope Dad comes back soon! I want to go play there! - Tulin
  5. Totally! Spread your wings at the Flight Range and it's like...FWOOSH! You go flying way high! - Tulin