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Teba (Father)
Saki (Mother)
Revali (Ancestor)[1]

Tulin is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Breath of the Wild

Tulin is the son of Teba and Saki and can be seen with his mother at the top of Rito Village in the hut next to the village elder, Kaneli. Tulin will greet Link very politely when he first talks to him, stating that his dad always told him that great kids are great greeters.[2][3] He mentions that his Dad is over at the Flight Range and that his dad has agreed to play with him later.[4] Tulin wants to travel to the Flight Range to play, as he loves the feeling of Flying with the wind beneath his wings.[5]

After Vah Medoh is freed from corruption and the spirit of Revali taking it to the rock spire above Rito Village, Teba takes Tulin on his back and brings him to the Flight Range where he remains for the remainder of the game.

Age of Calamity

Tulin only makes an appearance in this game once the Guardian of Remembrance DLC is purchased, specifically in the EX Searching Hyrule Forest Scenario. He somehow traveled back in time with his dad but was separated from him in the process, and while Teba was busy rescuing Revali and Vah Medoh from Windblight Ganon, Tulin ended up in the forest where he met with the Koroks, who taught him everything about the forest. His presence did not go unnoticed when Revali saw Tulin before he lost track of him and inquired Teba's help as he doesn't recall seeing him in the village and looked a lot like Teba. During their search, they find Tulin and the Rito Captain offers to protect him from the monsters, while they make their way out. Tulin surprises the adults with his familiarity with the wind patterns and false passages when they found a dead end and they managed to escape the forest unharmed.

Upon escaping, Teba tells Tulin to thank Revali since he is the reason why he is still alive.[6] Tulin complies obediently,[7] and goes in front of the Rito Champion to do just that.[8] Revali smiles a bit and complements that he is pretty good for a little kid.[9] Tulin is overjoyed,[10] and he begins jumping close to Revali's face, while the latter backs away nervously, as he tells him that he is doing a lot of training so that he can be just like him and hopes to master the Great Eagle Bow.[11] Revali sighs as he reminds him that he was nearly slain by the monsters, but he was happy regardless,[12] and adds that it won't be too long before he's the master of the wind like him.[13] Teba agrees, but he adds that he must surpass his father first.[14] Tulin then imitates Revali's abrasive persona,[15] making Teba laugh before he controls himself as Revali asks if that was meant to sound like him,[16] as Teba was at a loss for words. However, Revali had witnessed the father-son bond and Tulin's sly sense of humor was enough for Revali's heart to melt as he starts chuckling before bursting out laughing as Teba and Tulin follow along.[17] After they settle down, Tulin attempts his own take of Revali's Gale, dubbing his "Tulin's Tornado", and leaps into the air before he fell to the ground,[18] as Teba approaches him,[19] and Revali chuckling in amusement as he reminds him that he still has a long way to go, affectionately calling him "kid".[20]



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