Goflam's Secret Hot Spring

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Goflam's Secret Hot Spring is an area in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The hot spring is located at the north end of the Hebra Mountains, just north of the Hebra Tundra and northwest of Selmie's Spot. While the area around the hot spring is bitterly cold, when Link is in the hot spring, the temperature is very warm and soothing. While standing in the hot spring, Link will regenerate his health.

Just to the east of the hot spring there is an monster camp with some dangerous Black Lizalfos and Black Moblin, some of which wield Fire Arrows. There is a treasure chest buried in the snow here which contains a Falcon Bow.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Jump into the water and go under the rock structure as far northwest as you can go. You'll find a pile of leaves to cut away, revealing a rock to pick up. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

At the northwest edge of the water, under the rock overhang, remove the leaves and pick up the rock.

Shoot the acorn that's at the end of the hollow log. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Shoot the acorn.

Examine the fairy lights on the top of the dead tree. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Climb the dead tree, examine the fairy lights.

Tears of the Kingdom

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