Hebra Great Skeleton

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The Hebra Great Skeleton is an area in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Hebra Great Skeleton is a hidden location, found beneath the Hebra North Summit. To access this area, find the small square pond, just east of Hebra North Summit at a much lower elevation. Use Cryonis on the small pond to create a pair of Ice Blocks, forming a bridge. Then travel to the east a bit and you'll find a large snowball on the ledge. Drop it down so it rolls down the ledge, across the two ice blocks, and then slamming into the stone door, opening a path to the Hebra Great Skeleton.

Inside of the cave, there is a Korok Seed that Link can collect. At the far west end of the cave, on top of the skeleton, there is a yellow flower. Follow the series of yellow flowers as you scale the great skeleton. The final white flower is found at the east end of the skeleton bones.

To Quomo Shrine

Main article: To Quomo Shrine

The To Quomo Shrine can be found in the area. This shrine is just a blessing shrine, with the treasure chest containing a Royal Claymore. Then run to the altar to meet with To Quomo and get a Spirit Orb.

Leviathan Bones

Main article: Leviathan Bones

Speak with Akrah over at the Serenne Stable to begin the Leviathan Bones side quest. This requires Link to photograph the three great skeletons of the world. This includes the Hebra Great Skeleton, the Eldin Great Skeleton, and Gerudo Great Skeleton. Simple take a picture of the great skeleton and show it to Akrah. The reward for showing all three of the pictures is a Gold Rupee.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Melt the left piece of ice to reveal fairy lights to examine. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended.

There are three meltable ice blocks on a shelf on the cliffside. The left piece contains fairy lights to examine.

Climb the hill to the west of the marker to find this seed platform. You'll need to shield surf down the hill to reach the circle in time, as it expires very quickly. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

The seed platform is uphill to the west. Shield surf to the ring. If you're having trouble making it in time, try starting the surf from just behind the stump. Skimming the top of the stump while on your shield means you already have forward motion when the race begins, which could provide the extra moment of time you need.

Inside the cave, there's a yellow flower at the bottom of the Leviathan's spine directly behind the Shrine. Follow it to get the Korok Seed. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended.

Inside the cave, there's a yellow flower at the bottom of the Leviathan's spine directly behind the Shrine. Follow it to get the Korok Seed.

Tears of the Kingdom

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