Coldsnap Hollow

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Coldsnap Hollow

Coldsnap Hollow is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The Coldnap Hollow is a found at a much lower elevation within the Hebra Mountains, found just west of the Hebra Peak. Right at the center of the hollow, Link will encounter a Frost Talus. Along the perimeter of the region, there are numerous wind tunnels that Link can use his Paraglider to reach the higher elevations.

The Coldsnap Hollow has all the familiar traits as the rest of the Hebra Mountains, including the bitter cold, which requires Link to wear armor with Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set. There are a variety of cold-weathered enemies and wildlife throughout the region and surround area.

At the northwest end of the Hollow, there is a massive ice block that Link can melt with a fire based weapon which has a Black Moblin hiding behind it. Just to the west of it, there is a smaller ice block that holds a treasure chest with five Ice Arrows.





Nearby Korok Seeds

Thaw the ice and examine the whirling glittering leaves.

Melt the ice, examine the fairy lights.