Coldsnap Hollow

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Coldsnap Hollow

Coldsnap Hollow is a location in Breath of the Wild. Just west of Hebra Peak, the "Hollow" comes from the fact that it is at a much lower elevation than the Hebra Mountains which almost entirely surround it, and from the rock formations that cover part of it.

Breath of the Wild

Like the rest of the Hebra Mountains, Coldsnap Hollow is bitter cold; this requires Link to have level 2 Cold Resistance, such as by wearing the Snowquill Set. There are a variety of cold-weather enemies and wildlife throughout the Hollow and surrounding area.

Right at the center of the hollow, Link will encounter a Frost Talus which is part of the Face the Frost Talus side quest given by Gesane at the first connecting bridge leading to Rito Village. Along the perimeter, there are numerous wind tunnels where Link can use his Paraglider to reach the higher elevations.

At the northwest end of the Hollow, there is a massive ice block, that Link can melt with a fire based weapon, which has a Black Moblin hiding behind it. Just to the west of it, there is a smaller ice block that holds a treasure chest with five Ice Arrows.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Thaw the ice and examine the fairy lights.

Melt the ice, examine the fairy lights.

Tears of the Kingdom

Coldsnap Hollow is a lower elevated area of the Hebra Mountains, found just west of Hebra Peak. It is very cold, requiring Link to have two levels of Cold Resistance in order to survive. Early on in the quest, when the Blizzard is effecting Rito Village, perpetual snowfall will be falling around the hollow.

East of the hollow, on a higher cliff there are some Zonai Ruins with a treasure chest on top of them, containing five Arrows. Southeast of the hollow, on top of a large zonai pillar, there is another chest which contains a Zonaite Sword, which can scale up to a Mighty Zonaite Sword, depending on World Level.

Korok Seed

  • At the south end of the hollow, on a higher elevation, there is a rock formation with one rock out of place. Grab the nearby rock and put it in place to get the Korok Seed.


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