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Zonai Ruins is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. The ruins are the largest remnants of the ancient Zonai civilization outside of the Sky Islands.

Breath of the Wild

Zonai Ruins is a rather lush location found in the Lake Tower region. After traveling east along the path in the Pagos Woods, and then crossing over the Floria River on a small bridge, the Zonai Ruins can be found just to the north. While there some ruins found sporadically here, the Zonai Ruins are the entrance point to a series of ruins leading northward, throughout the Damel Forest, ending with the Spring of Courage.

There is a large stronghold within the Zonai Ruins holding several bokoblins, spanning quite the height. Numerous standard and Blue Bokoblins can be found here. At the very top of the stronghold, there is a Treasure Chest that contains a Sapphire. Just to the north of the ruins, an Electric Wizzrobe can be found wielding a Lightning Rod.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Put a ball on each of the three islands here. The balls are magnetic, but two of them are tied together with a chain. Use Stasis to hold one of the chained weights in place while placing the other with Magnesis.

In the river, there are three very small islands. Two of them have magnetic balls sitting on them. The third one is in the water, chained to another already on the platforms. Use Stasis on the chained one already on the island, then quickly use Magnesis to lift the one out of the water and onto the empty platform. This may take a few attempts, as the chain is short.

Dive into the ring of lilies.

Leap into the ring of flowers in the water.

Tears of the Kingdom

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  • The Zonai Ruins share identical architectural and artistic features with the Thyphlo Ruins. As such, it's speculated that they share a common origin.
  • According to Creating a Champion, the Zonai Ruins are in the middle of what used to be a palace that the Zonai Tribe lived in.